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Extreme Physiology week 1 - 10 seconds

Mon 19 Apr 18:00 pm
From your home, Any city, Any postcode
You don’t even need to leave home...

I listened to a really good programme on Radio 4 (podcast here) about the health benefits of taking a cold shower (or cold swimming). It’s with a friend of mine from my Gosport days, wild swimming enthusiast Prof Mike Tipton who specialises in physiology in extremes, especially now how cold can be beneficial rather than just a bad thing.

If you can get to a place for cold swimming, how fantastic. If you can’t, this programme is looking at the benefits of a cold shower, mental and physical benefits including boosting immunity and reducing inflammation.

It’s a slow build up, so we’re starting with 10 seconds of cold at the end/in the middle of your lovely warm shower - I’d recommend knowing 1. Where your happy temperature is on your shower dial 2. Which way is cold (no scalding, please) 3. Double check you know where your happy temperature is, and which way you’re turning the dial.

The aim is to try to have your breathing back under control by the time you’re finishing, but I’ll be impressed if you can remember that at the time.

Who’s with me? 10 seconds start, building up to 15 seconds by the end of this week 1. Don’t worrying about sending photos for the run report...

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David Stoker completed a training run • Good gym gentle run
Wed 14 Apr
David Stoker went on a community mission
Community mission
Waltham Forest

Plogging and parakeets

Wed 14 Apr
Report written by Amber Price-Rees

Enjoyed my first Good Gym event with a friendly bunch, spotted some parakeets and cycled home with a beautiful sunset.

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Spring the changes

Sat 10 Apr
Report written by Liz Pharoah

On the weekend, that we see the return of junior parkrun, 22 GoodGym members took part in (not)parkrun Coventry. Hopefully you spotted as many signs of spring as I did on my run. New shoes, tulips, daffodils and lambs were the order of the day on a bright but cold day.

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GoodGym (not)parkrun - Week 14!

Sat 10 Apr 23:50 pm
Your home, Your city, Your postcode
Improve your fitness

GoodGym (not)parkrun will be hosted by a different GoodGym area each week during lockdown and is aiming to get everyone involved throughout 2021, get fit and active in your local community and carry forward the parkrun spirit, whilst following Covid rules of course.

GG Coventry is picking up the baton for (not) parkrun on Saturday 10th April! Everyone is very welcome to join!

And remember to follow all Covid rules and guidelines on your run, be safe, be socially-distanced and keep moving!

You can complete your 5K any time on Saturday and submit your time, by midnight on Saturday, using the form

A big shout out to Melanie Young @ GoodGym Bristol (aka tech savvy whizz kid) for creating the results form and who will put the results together for our (not)parkrun events. 

To let her know your email address and other useful information, there's a one-off registration form to complete. You can find this here.

If you'd like a photo to be included in the run report, please take a selfie and email it to liz@goodgym.org

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Community mission
Waltham Forest

Plogging @ Lee Valley Park in Waltham Forest

Wed 19 May 19:00 pm
71 Lea Bridge Road,, Leyton,, London, E10 7QL
Improve quality of the Lee Valley Park in Waltham Forest

A regular.

We can beautify this green spot.

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