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Cosmo Born signed up to a race

Two Tunnels Bath (5km, 10km & half marathon)

Sun 2 May 10:00 am
Bath Sports and Leisure Centre, North Parade Road, Bath, BA2 4ET
A fun race experience!

Join us for a race!!!

This race has been given the go ahead and has covid measures in place.

The Two Tunnels is a race on the old railway line through the hillside of Bath. Starting in a field, this is a majority a tarmac route and has the longest underground section for each race distance in the UK.

The tunnels are great fun, well lit and the second tunnel is a mile long!

Register here;

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Cosmo Born signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Paint a couple of walls in the Batheaston scout hut

Sun 18 Apr 11:00 am
School Lane, Batheaston, BA1 7EP
Make it ready for when the scouts activity can resume


Inside the scout hut the following painting is required:

  • Two walls

All paint brushes, paint and step ladders will be provided. Please bring your masks

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Cosmo Born went on a training session
Training session

Run strength training with guest athlete Kim Murray

Tue 23 Mar
Report written by Helen Conner

Professional athlete Kim Murray took us through a number of key strength training exercises to help us build a more robust runners frame.

We started with a warm up and then had three main sections of workouts. Each workout had 3 sets and each round increased in intensity.

  • Section 1 included glute bridges with heel raise and leg raises.
  • Section 2 included hamstring bridge and a split squat.
  • Lastly, section 3 included 3 different exercises. The first worked on our core and hip flexors, the second a moving plank and the third worked on our upper back.

We finished with cool down stretches.

Well done to everyone who took part! Kim is on instagram and regularly posts great exercises on her account, so give her a follow;

She also offers virtual strength classes for runners on her website: Her new block of classes starts Wednesday 31st March for four weeks

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Cosmo Born signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Gardening for the National Trust near Sham Castle

Sun 11 Apr 09:00 am
Golf Course lane (meet half way up at the view point where the bench is), BATH, BA2 6JG
Improve the paths on the popular Skyline walk

Meeting near the iconic Sham Castle, this team will be doing the following for the National Trust:

Step maintenance; digging out mud and replacing stone where is has got eroded on the path on the Skyline walk.

This is the field just down from Golf course road near Sham Castle

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Cosmo Born signed up to a training session
Training session

Strength training virtual class designed for runners with professional athlete Kim Murray

Tue 23 Mar 19:30 pm
Bath Sports and Leisure Centre, North Parade Road, Bath, BA2 4ET
Improve your strength for running

Get Strong For Running

Join Kim Murray for a 45-min virtual class designed to build a strong body for running.

Running is high load and injuries are common. Strength training is the most effective way to reduce injury risk in runners. However, not knowing what to do or a dislike of gyms means that it is often neglected.

In this class, Kim will show you exactly what to do and you won’t have to set foot in a gym! The class is fully coached, includes variations for all abilities and the only equipment you’ll need is a chair.

So, if you’re injury prone, struggle to put together sessions at home or just lack motivation to strength train, join Kim for a taster class that will help you build a robust body for running.

About Kim

Kim runs KimFit; an online coaching and PT business. She helps runners build stronger, less injury prone bodies through her Run Strong membership which includes virtual strength classes and run training plans. She studied Sport and Exercise Science and the University of Bath, then moved onto Loughborough University where she completed a Master’s in Exercise Physiology. She is also a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer.

KimFit was born when she left her job as an exercise physiologist with the Scottish institute of sport to become a professional skeleton athlete (that sport where you throw yourself headfirst down an ice track on a tea tray). She is now retired but finished her career ranked 18th in the world and competed at the World Championships in 2020.

Her background means she has a wealth of experience from the world of high-performance sport. What drives her is working together to help you achieve your goals; whether that’s an Olympic medal or a parkrun PB, and she’ll take lessons from the best to help you get there.

We will email the Zoom details nearer to the time.

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Cosmo Born signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Bath City Vaccination Centre marshal

Sat 10 Apr 11:45 am
Bath Pavilion, North Parade road, BATH, BA2 4EU

Please note that this community mission has been cancelled.

By volunteering your time, you will play an active part in the local fight against Coronavirus and assist in an historic vaccination programme that will ultimately save lives.

There are four roles which will be allocated on the day. These include:

1) Parking access steward (1) - manage the flow into the building 2) Front & side (disabled access) door steward (3) - asking covid questions, taking temperature, giving hand gel 3) Back door steward (1) - ensuring people know the right way to exit the building 4) Main hall steward (2) - directing people to the vaccination booths

The shift is 11:45 - 1615 Full briefing, appropriate supervision and personal protective equipment will be available to ensure the safety of staff, volunteers and patients. Shifts will be approximately 4.5 hours long

If you sign up to this mission, I will email you a copy of the agreement from the task owner and a risk assessment which you will need to tick to show you understand

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Cosmo Born signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Gardening for the Quaker Burial Ground

Sun 28 Mar 11:00 am
Bath Quaker Burial Ground , Clarendon Road, Bath, BA2 4NJ
Provide a safe and pleasurable garden environment for community groups

We will be helping to create a new seating area using some of the blank stones. There will be a stone mason present who will help supervise the moving of the stones.

  • Please bring gloves
  • All other equipment is provided
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Cosmo Born went on a community mission
Community mission


Sun 7 Mar
Report written by Helen Conner

5 Goodgym volunteers arrive at the Bath organic garden to help with some essential tasks on a sunny but cold Sunday morning. We were led to the edge of the garden alongside a conifer hedge where the council had been doing some overzealous prunning on the other side. Now, you could see daylight through the boundary, the sound protection from the road had dimished and the habitat for nature lacking.

Cosmo, Doris and Helen were asked to dig holes alongside the trees to plant a hedgerow for screening and habitat. An easy task we thought. We thought wrong! As our spades hit the ground, the ground was not how it appeared. Although covered in soil, hidden beneath was something unexpected. We couldn't get through it with our spades and on closer inspectation it appears the whole area was covered in carpet! And not just any carpet as under this layer was bin bags! Underlay, underlay ;)

Rather than trying to clear the whole area which would have taken too much time, we were asked to dig through. So out came the saw! I couldn't stop laughing when watching Doris saw the carpet! Not quite the gardening experience we were expecting but we enjoyed the challenge.

2 hours later and we had managed to dig about 10 holes! Now time for some planting.

Whilst all this digging had been going on, Tim and Max had been experiencing a challenge on a whole different scale. They were tugging, bashing, slashing and fighting with a bamboo plant. Two hours of tug of war later and they had managed to obtain 2 cuttings from the large plant to be replanted for screening along the hedgerow.

So after this bamboozled yet rugged experience, the team could plant into the earth with the aim to bring life back into the hedgerow. A job well done!

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