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The Windsor and Maidenhead MAD MARCH QUEST

Wed 31 Mar 23:45 pm
All sorts of interesting places, Around Windsor and Maidenhead, Windsor and Maidenhead, SL6 XXX
Quiz meets scavenger run in this month-long fitness challenge

How well do you know our local area? Probably not as well as our Mad March Quest quizmaster James Lovell...He's been busy over the last few weeks cycling and running around Windsor and Maidenhead, finding out all sorts of interesting facts about our towns and the surrounding countryside. And now its your turn!

1 month. Over 50 questions. Loads of inviting footpaths, lovely parks, interesting landmarks and moments in history waiting to be discovered!

How does it work?

Click here to access the Mad March Quest quiz questions. Click here for a Google Map showing where you need to go to find the answer to each question.

You are expected to arrive at the question location by foot or by bicycle, but you may have a short car ride to travel to the general vicinity before you start your exercise. You can answer as many questions in each outing as you like.

Submit your answers by email to All those submitted before the 1st of April will count. There will be a leaderboard and a prize for the person (or people in the event of a tie!) who answers the most questions.

Late sign ups are very welcome too.

Remember to reach out to the GoodGym community if you're looking for company on your runs or you need help route planning. Please also remember to stay safe and adhere to the GoodGym Covid-19 guidance at all times.

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Windsor and Maidenhead

The Kings, Queens, Jacks and Jokers of Windsor & Maidenhead

Sun 28 Feb
Report written by Amy Lovell

Locked down during the coldest UK Winter in 25 years, a card game seemed like a pretty good way to pass the time, so that's what we did....but we did it in GoodGym style of course! So instead of donning our slippers and playing in front of the fire, we donned an extra base layer and woolly hat and and played on the pavements and trails of our lovely borough.

Players dealt eachother cards via WhatsApp and the card determined what training session the player needed to do next. It was all in the luck of the draw! Well done to everyone who took part, and special mention to Lara for dealing even though she wasn't playing.

Had this been a high stakes game, Juli would now be a very rich lady. She ran 14 different cards including lots of Aces (to her favourite coffee places), multiple Kings (of the mountains = hills sessions), a Jack (of all trades = cross-training), multiple runs of between 5km and 10km (some of which were also GoodGym (not)Parkruns where she happens to be the age grade Queen - whoop whoop!!), a 3 ("is me", where she spelled her name with road names) and a 2 (is running with company). She also finished the month on a fabulous 10 (10km), which somehow turned into a 13+km with her partner Nick, because the sun was finally out and the woods are beautiful and why not!?

Oh and Juli ran a joker too! Joker means running in fancy dress. Luckily Amy was also dealt a joker around the same time, so they did the sensible thing and dressed up as the Queen and Ace of hearts and ran a route in the shape of a heart on Valentine's Day. Again, why ever not!? They raised lots of smiles on the way round, although the rain did make the costumes look a bit sad by the end.

Other note-worthy runs included: Claire's awesome 24km walk of Maidenhead Boundary, which could have counted for multiple cards; and Jess and Sophie's fitness session where they showed great solidarity by both doing sprints for Sophie's Queen (of speed = intervals) AND a HIIT work-out for Jess's Jack (of all trades) - epic stuff!

And Tara did her final run today, an Ace (to her favourite place), which also included dropping off bunches of daffodils on friends' doorsteps. Such a lovely thing to do, and all under a stunning moon!

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Sun 28 Feb
Claire Hobson completed a training run • Daisy and Katie’s morning walk
Sat 27 Feb
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Training session
Windsor and Maidenhead

Flipping great event, and you batter believe it!

Tue 16 Feb
Report written by Amy Lovell

Here is your recipe for stacks of fun on pancake day during Lockdown...


  • 1 pancake (lovingly prepared by Angie - well done!)
  • 21 runners, each with their own frying pan (including some new faces - welcome Alice, Emma, Jason and Louise!)
  • The streets of Maidenhead
  • A generous sprinkling of rain
  • 1 confusing looking spreadsheet
  • A large helping of WhatsApp messages
  • A handful of children, who are not officially part of the event, but taking supporting roles as sous chefs and cheerleaders under their parents' supervision.


  1. Runner uses a frying pan to carry the pancake to the next runner's home or agreed tossing location
  2. Runners stand at least 2 metres apart and the pancake baton is passed on by means of an epic toss and skillful catch. There must be lots of cheering and looks of amazement when the pancake actually lands in the pan.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until all 21 runners have done their daily exercise, the pancake has covered an incredible 32km, its getting dark and Area Activator Amy is getting hungry...


Well it was flipping amazing and you'd batter believe it! Oh crepe...yes, we did drop the pancake a few times, but who gives a toss? Get a taste of the action and see how the event panned out in this video on our Facebook page..

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Claire Hobson completed a training run • Rainbow walk.
Wed 10 Feb
Sat 6 Feb
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Thu 4 Feb
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Windsor and Maidenhead

The Big Pancake Day Relay

Tue 16 Feb 09:00 am
Not Known, ???, ???
The ultimate pancake tossing challenge

Start with a pancake in your frying pan. Run to another GoodGym member's house carrying the pancake in the frying pan. When you get there, toss the pancake at them. They need to catch it in their frying pan and keep the run going.

It's probably best if no one consumes the pancake 'baton' in case it has been contaminated along the way.

Exactly how this will be organised depends on how many people join in and where they live. It may be that we need to break into teams, or just run to a friend's house and toss them a pancake...we'll see what we can manage!

If you're keen to be involved, sign up and email with the following:

Subject - Pancake Day Relay

Details - How far are you up for running whilst carrying a pancake in a frying pan?

What is your address?

What time(s) of day are you available to run on the 16th of Feb?

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Training session
Windsor and Maidenhead

BINGO Go Go team Kadeena Cox!

Sun 31 Jan
Report written by Amy Lovell

January can be a tough time of year even before you throw a national Lockdown into the mix. We wanted to keep moving and keep spirits up. We also needed some motivation to go the extra mile in this year's GoodGym January Challenge, so we had a big game of running/walking Bingo!

The 25 boxes on our bingo card included tough challenges like taking a selfie with a unicorn or dinosaur, as well as classic running training sessions like hills and an out and back with a faster 'back' than 'out'.

We got creative by making Strava art flowers, we clocked some good deeds by taking items to foodbanks and plogging, and we were distantly sociable by going out for exercise with friends or neighbours who we might not otherwise have connected with, and by delivering chocolate bars to each other's doorsteps. Is there a better feeling than opening the front door and finding a surprise crunchie lying there on the mat?!

A special mention goes to Ankur for helping raise the crunchie to its now iconic status in this area:

In years to come I'll tell people I joined the GoodGym group, we do great things for people and get fit too..."so what's your contribution to the group Ankur? " Eerm, I made everyone eat crunchies."

There was definitely a healthy competitive element but there was also a lovely team spirit, with runners planning routes for each other, sharing tips on where to find the nearest horse or street beginning with 'Y', and cheering enthusiastically in the WhatsApp group when others reported back on their achievements.

In a wonderful example of the support we show one another, there was much concern for Jess when she reported running into a post. We then cheered her up in the best way we know how (after crunchies): puns!

"Let's get posting those puns!"

"You must have hit it really bollard!!!"

"Hope your post-run bruising isn't too painful"

"Royal Fail: Jess runs into a post, man!"


We had our first full house at 08:38 on the 22nd January. Sophie Lack claimed the winning spot in style by running a hills session at sunrise with her route-master and sister Claire Hobson.

Claire also had her own moment of glory two days later, claiming silver as she completed her card on a snowy walk with fellow GoodGym member and bingo player Paul Isherwood.

And in the last few days of the month Jess, Amy and Tara also shouted BINGO! and filled their cards with 25 ticks.

The game contributed to a particularly impressive month of running for Jess, who ran further than she's ever managed before, both in a single 11km run with Sophie, and in the whole month, which totalled an awesome 100km!

A special mention to James L, who managed to tick off the most boxes in a single run. On a 16km Thursday evening excursion he 'painted' a rose over Maidenhead town centre and ticked off a whopping 11 boxes. And in what was possibly the biggest achievement of the evening, he also took more selfies than in the rest of his life put together.

And how did we do in the January Challenge?

We are proud to report that team Kadeena Cox came second out of the 8 teams in the Challenge. We came top in our team and 4th if you look at the 58 areas individually. Together we ran an impressive 2847km, cycled 662km and walked 866km. Nice work team!

Extra kudos to Juli Wood and Sula Bransden, who covered 250km and 248km respectively, topping our local leaderboard. You two are amazing!

Now what shall we do?

If you're looking for inspiration for your runs this February, look no further! Take your chances on our month-long playing cards challenge and check out what we're cooking up for pancake day...

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