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Amy Baker went on a community mission
Community mission

Class act

Sat 11 Sep
Report written by Newcastle runner

We had a late start to one our usual haunts today at Harbottle park where a group of us were helping Park Ranger/former teacher Mike.

We had the wonderful Sara join us for her first ever goodgym session and some old hands like myself, Katie and the 3 Amys. Today's was a fair big task with some people helping rebuild the fences and other trying to cut back the plants which had grown over the path.

Towards the end of the task, Mike gave us a quick lesson on the different trees and wild flowers and now we can recognise a cherry tree, sycamore and maple trees. We also learnt about the high vitamin c content of rose hip. I'm sure we will all be on the look out for plants out and about.

It was lovely to have a nice big group on such a sunny day. Good luck to anyone running the GNR and we will be back at the parks in 3 weeks time.

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Community mission

Park maintenance with Urban Green Newcastle

Sat 11 Sep 10:30 am
Harbottle Park, Newcastle, NE6 2SX
Back to one of our favourite spots!

Come along to another fun morning with Urban Green Newcastle as we help out with general park maintenance at Harbottle Park.

Ranger Mike has a bunch of jobs to get stuck into and there's something for everyone.


Look for the red tshirts when you arrive, there's no obligation to stay for the whole duration.

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Amy Baker went on a group run
Group run

Treemendous Eagle-size effort

Wed 1 Sep
Report written by Anji Andrews

Hello September and hello again to Newcastle Eagles community gardens!

It's always a great task with super Task Owner Neil who doubles up as task owner and runner regularly for us! Tonight we were weeding in the huge car park which had already been started by a group of Cadets a few days earlier.

We trialled a new starting point tonight: Central Station.

Pros: easy to find, easy to get to, opposite a Starbucks

Cons: very busy, millions of passing runners, wanted to get a Starbucks before we'd even started.

I took a solo walk to the task tonight on what turned out to be the first autumnal day in what feels like a very long time, and met up with the others who were already about to get stuck in. We had to remove and clear (very prickly) weeds to keep the car park safe and clear. It was another task where the time flew by and contained several thousand very purposeful squats!

Neil, Amy and Paul got stuck into pulling, weeding and clearing while I nominated myself for carrying and dumping the weeds- very satisfying!

Paul had perhaps the toughest job of the night, removing a very deep-rooted and stubborn tree that eventually took both him, Neil and a fork to get it out. I think you can see from the before and after pictures that we made a tree-mendous difference tonight.


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Group run

Gardening with Newcastle Eagles

Wed 1 Sep 18:00 pm
Newcastle Central Station, Newcastle, NE1 5DL
Tidy up their great outdoor space


Run, walk and volunteer at this monthly group session with Newcastle Eagles. The foundation relies on the support of volunteers to keep their gardens and outdoor spaces clear and tidy, and they have been great supporters of GG Newcastle since the start. We will be gardening and weeding, and there will be jobs for everyone.

There will be an optional fitness session to complete before we run and walk back to the start point.

Meet READY TO RUN outside Central Station where there are public toilets if anyone needs to use them.

You must register in advance for this group run.

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Amy Baker went on a community mission
Community mission

Super Quay(n) to pick up litter!

Mon 2 Aug
Report written by Charlotte Proud

I was joined by Dan (3rd good deed in 3 consecutive days!!), Louise (who also helped on Sunday with Urban Green) and then Seb and Amy (who both helped at Nunsmoor Park on Saturday)

We met at the Cycle Hub and went on a walk along the Quayside. Finds included a dummy, a beer glass, some coins (remember money?!) and lots of cans and bottles and cigarette ends.

Litter picks are so much easier now we have litter pickers for people to use.

I'm sure we will be back out soon. It is always a good task as its a great chance to meet new people, have a walk and get some fresh air whilst helping keep Newcastle tidy.

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Amy Baker has completed 10 good deeds with GoodGym. Sat 31 Jul 2021

Amy has done 10 good deeds. They are a trusted GoodGym runner and are now eligible to join their local TaskForce.

Amy Baker went on a community mission
Community mission

Nunsmoor Park Summer Clearance: Every Weed Must Go!

Sat 31 Jul
Report written by Dan Laws

Four GoodGymers gave up their Saturday lie in and braved the wind and the rain at Nunsmoor Park this morning.

Alongside a number of regular park volunteers, Katy, Amy, Seb and myself were tasked with clearing a large area of weeds and nettles from an area just outside of the impressive bike garden. As you can see in the before and after photos we were able to achieve quite a lot in the two hours and the regular volunteers were very pleased, and thankfully we were located under the cover of trees throughout the task so we managed to avoid getting too wet!

A big congratulations to Seb for completing his 5th good deed and Amy for completing her 10th, go and give them a cheer! However, I feel that everyone deserves an extra good deed today for being involved in a non-stop game of throw-and-catch with Mitsy (pictured above)!

It was great to be back at Nunsmoor Park and to feel like we made a genuine difference and I'm sure we'll be back soon which is certainly something to look forward too!

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Community mission

Quayside litter pick

Mon 2 Aug 18:00 pm
The Cycle Hub, Quayside, Newcastle, NE6 1BU
Run, walk and volunteer by the Tyne

Come to run, walk, do good things and catch up! Please note this is now a community mission, in change to previous listing meaning there is no fitness session included.

Meeting at The Cycle Hub where there is free parking, we will then make our way to a few litter hot spots in smaller groups to run or walk.

Bags will be provided, but please bring your own gloves if you have them.

NB: There is no storage facility so please arrive READY TO RUN/WALK.

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Community mission

Group run, walk and volunteer at Nunsmoor Volunteer Day

Sat 31 Jul 10:00 am
Nunsmoor Park, Nunsmoor Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne , NE4 9AU
Back to a park with bags of personality!

Change to previous listing: please meet at Nunsmoor Park.

Nunsmoor is an amazing hidden gem and we will be helping out with a range of tasks to keep the area looking splendid. We can't wait to get back. There's something for everyone!


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Amy Baker signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Gardening at Newcastle Eagles

Tue 6 Jul 18:00 pm
Newcastle Eagles Community Arena, Scotswood Road, Newcastle, NE4 7AF

Please note that this community mission has been cancelled.

This trio of good deeds will get the gardens looking ship shape

Come along to do good things to help our friends at Newcastle Eagles.

They have requested our help in some general weeding, clearing and tidying in their car parks as they begin welcoming groups and spectators back at the end of lockdown.

Just arrive and look for the red T-shirts! Tools will be provided but you MUST bring your own gloves for this one.

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