1 GoodGymer made their way to help an isolated older person in Camden.

  • Madhan
Sunday, 13th of August 2023

When walking along the roads of Gospel Oak after having a heavy meal at an Indian restaurant, I was having a nostalgia. I felt I had already walked along this path and did a mission for someone there. As soon I reached Mr.T's door it struck me. Though I had my 100th celebration two days later, I did my actual 100th GoodGym mission with Mr.T in June, a day before my birthday.

Mr.T recognized me and we went to his mini garden in the back of his house. The weeds have grown again but not much. Mr.T then showed me the wall, where the bind weeds have grown almost 20ft tall, and climbed the nearby apartment. So the council has asked Mr.T to remove them quickly as possible. Mr.T had a makeshift tool where he attached a small scrapper on top of a 5ft stick. It was flimsy but I could barely reach the wines from the ground.

Mr.T then suggested using the ladder. The ladder was not that tall either, but it gave me enough elevation to reach the bind weeds. I was scrapping along the walls to unbound the weeds. It felt like quite a challenge on top of the ladder with nothing to hold on to. Also, I need to ensure I don't make the weeds fall on the other side of the fence, where there was no entrance.

After some careful pulling, the weeds, as expected, fell on the other side. But the weeds are pretty long I managed to pull them back into Mr.T's garden. The second challenge was to bag them. The bin bags which Mr.T provided was not strong enough to withstand my bagging techniques. After taming the weeds and squishing them as much as possible, I managed to them inside the bags.

Then I focussed on weeding the smaller ones which my back doesn't seem to enjoy much as they were pretty small and everything needs to be picked individually. The rake didn't help much.

Mr.T suggested I pull the bind weeds that were covering the fence instead. My back felt relieved and as I switched tasks and started pulling the bind weeds, I felt the whole fence started coming apart. So I dropped the pulling part and decided to cut them with Secateurs, as the loppers that Mr.T gave were blunt. After bagging them the 90 minutes were over and Mr.T asked If I could give a little trim on the weeds that were sticking out before I leave.

After tossing 3 bags into the bin and collecting a water bottle from Mr.T, I started walking to the final mission of the day and end my Camden tour.

Report written by Madhan

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