Sonic and Cuddles

2 GoodGymers made their way to help an isolated older person in Wandsworth.

  • Sevan
  • Kash
Sunday, 13th of November 2022

When Kash and I arrived in Roehampton, apart from the tower blocks, it looked like we were in a video game level with blue skies above and palm trees and ferns all around. As we entered the level we saw warning signs of what was to come, "Beware: Dangerous Dog" and a few others. Despite the warnings, we needed to complete the level to achieve our lunch and coffee.

Mrs B came to explain how we would gain points. We had to remove weeds from between the paving stones and to collect palm tree leaves. This appeared straightforward, but as always, there were traps along the way that we'd need to avoid to keep all of our lives intact.

On the first stage of the level, Kash took control of Sonic (a battery powered spinning wire brush) to clear the weeds. At the same time I played the role of sidekick, creeping through the flower beds picking up palm leaves while avoiding getting spiked by other plants and losing a life.

We reached the checkpoint at the end of stage 1 after 45 minutes. We'd managed to collect half of the palm leaves and removed one section of weeds. At this point the boss character we'd been warned about at the start of the level appeared, the dangerous cocker spaniel! Luckily Shadow's bark was worse than his bite and we managed to tame him with some petting and hugs to proceed to the next stage.

We charged into stage 2 where Kash and I changed roles. I was controlling Sonic and Kash was using her skills to duck and dive, trying to collect the remaining palm leaves. 45 minutes later we had a full quota of leaves and 80% completion on the weeding, which Mrs B judged was enough for us to move to the next level. While we made Mrs B's high score board it wasn't a perfect score, so there is room for GoodGymers to improve next time.

Report written by Sevan

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Birmingham runner
Birmingham runner
Monday November 14th, 2022 13:08

Nice one!

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