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2 GoodGymers made their way to help an isolated older person in Newcastle.

  • Newcastle runner
  • Aimee
Friday, 11th of August 2023

So here’s a thing. What do you call a piece of furniture designed for more than one person to relax on? Settee? Sofa? Couch? Aimee and I both called it a settee when we were children (maybe it’s a Teesside thing?!) but at some point switched to sofa. People have told me that settee is posh and Aimee thinks couch is too American!

Whatever you call it, Aimee and I moved one for Mrs L this afternoon. Mrs L is in hospital but with the sofa moved from one room to another, she can return home without needing to manage the stairs. Mrs L’s daughter was there to help. There was some tilting, tipping, swivelling, jiggling, pushing, pulling and making sure that the castors on the sofa didn’t damage the doors in the hallway. Quite quickly we had the sofa neatly ensconced in its new position. We had a quick sit down to appreciate our efforts - mission accomplished. Mrs L’s daughter seemed very pleased and we assured her that GoodGym would be ready to move the sofa back again when Mrs L is well enough to move back upstairs. A satisfying half hour!

Report written by Newcastle runner

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Birmingham runner
Birmingham runner
Monday August 14th, 2023 11:29

Well done, Aimee and Louise!

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