Group run

Sleeper-Less in Shavington

20 runners ran 8.2km to help the Shavington Primary School in Crewe.

  • John Putt
  • Karl Hukins
  • Crewe runner
  • Nicola Marshall
  • Barry Hough
  • Pam Hough
  • Ben Wye
  • Alexander Garnett
  • Karen Whitehead
  • Christopher Nightingale
  • Phil
  • Maurice Fitzgerald
  • Sophie Whetnall
  • Amanda Venables
  • Suzanne Buckley
  • Emily Sharp
  • Emma Salt
  • Lauren
  • Jordan Sheldon
  • Angela Culshaw
Wednesday, 26th of February 2020
Led by Nicola Marshall


It was fab to see Emily back for her second run and truly getting stuck into the nitty gritty of the task. Great running too Emily. Hope to see you back again for another task soon. Great to see Pam back with us again after a few weeks off following doctors orders ;-)


Wow, it was great to see so many of you at tonight’s task. Huge kudos to you all for coming out in force to get stuck in to a really physical task!!!

Thank You

Huge thanks to Amanda for becoming the 6th member of the Taskforce. Thanks so much Amanda! Big thanks to everyone to helped out with tools - we’d have been stuck without them. And thank you to Shavington Primary School for having us this evening.

Tonight’s Task

Tonight was a pretty big night for GoodGym Crewe. The task was a big one and the run was our longest to date! Would we be able to pull it off?.........

We started the evening with a little bit of sugar to prepare us for our extra long run (the fruit jellies seemed to go down well). Needs must!!

The sky was crystal clear tonight as we headed out to warm up. Not a drop of rain or a breath of wind to be seen or felt. Perfect running conditions. We didn’t get up to our usual shenanigans this week as time was of the essence, but we did some high knees, star jumps and a gentle jog to get our heart rates up.

Our route tonight took us further out than we’d ever been - passing a couple of Crewe’s ‘landmarks’ (if that’s the right description – probably not!) en route..... Crewe Alexander Football Ground and Mornflake Oats (mmm, the smell that comes from that factory is amazing!). Everyone did fabulously with our longest run so far and it was lovely to hear the chatter on the way. As we were running, we saw a man who's car had broken down and needed a push. Our lovely runners instinctively stepped right in and helped him out without being asked. He was really grateful.

We arrived at the task to a very grateful Deputy Head Teacher. We set up our lights (genius little things that they are!!!) and set to work clearing 4 large overgrown plots that were full of marestail (a very very stubborn weed!) and lifting and carrying the sleepers across the playground to the skip. With 20 willing volunteers and the flexing of some strong muscles, we managed to clear all the sleepers (at least 16 but I think possibly more). Some of them were super super heavy and took at least 4 of our runners to carry and lift into the skip. It was a real team effort, with everyone pulling their weight. In 50 minutes, we’d cleared all the sleepers and removed a substantial amount of the marestail. It really was a job well done and the school were delighted and extremely grateful for our efforts. Oh, and if there was a prize for the dirtiest runner, I think it definitely would go to Alex (see pics!). Hope you've got plenty of Daz in!!!

We headed back to base at a slightly slower pace than our outward journey – but hardly any wonder after such a physical task! When we arrived back, we headed over to our local and enjoyed a nice drink and some more banter and laughs for our month end social.

A fabulous night all round and one thing’s for sure – we totally pulled it off!!! Shavington Primary School is now 'Sleeper-less!'. Well done everyone!!!! Absolute legends (as always!). I expect you’ll all sleep well tonight!!

I always have the BEST time when I’m with all of you and tonight, was no exception. I hope to see you all next week! Have a fab weekend everyone!

Stay safe, Lots of Love, Nicola xxxx

Report written by Nicola Marshall

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Barry Hough
Barry Hough
Thursday February 27th, 2020 08:19

Brilliant report ,great night as always, pump class certainly helped with those sleepers 💕

Maurice Fitzgerald
Maurice Fitzgerald
Thursday February 27th, 2020 23:43

Great report by Nicola as usual. What a good night we had digging up wooden sleepers in the dark., but many hands made light work, though they were very heavy.

Nicola Marshall
Nicola Marshall
Thursday March 5th, 2020 20:34

Definitely Barry!! You were a machine!! 😉👍

They really do Maurice. Imagine how long it would have taken with just a few! 🙈😬

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