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Wed 15th Nov 2023 at 6:15pm

One Sick Night!

Crewe Report written by Nicola Marshall

It was a cold (but thankfully dry) night to be out and doing a spot of litter picking in Crewe. It was lovely to have Phil back with us this evening after his recent jet setting to Thailand - which it was lovely to hear all about as we wandered the streets (and thank you for sharing your lovely photos afterwards with us too).

Karen, Phil & Nicola all wrapped up (although still not very warm to be honest) covered a fair amount of the pavements around the Crewe Station area and collected 4 huge bags full of rubbish! We're fairly confident that there's a clean team who had recently done some litter picking around that area and yet we still got plenty of rubbish - which is quite sad really.

Sometimes, I worry about us doing a litter picking task as it's a bit too often during the winter months due to a lack of tasks, but that said, the value of a litter pick is huge. Can you imagine how are streets would look if there weren't volunteers like us out picking it up! Yes, it's sad that we have to - people have no excuse to drop rubbish - but they do. I hate to think what our town would look like if it was simply left to accumulate and was never collected. So I just wanted to say an extra big thank you - not just to our wonderful Goodgym members who always do a litter picking task with enthusiasm - but to everyone that ever picks up a picker and picks up other people's (often disgusting) discarded rubbish. You are wonderful people who really do make the world a better (and tidier) place!

Our task title tonight will only mean anything to those that were there - and if you weren't there, you can probably guess!

Have a great week everyone. You're wonderful!

Lots of love Nicola xxx

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Phil signed up to a group run.

Wed 15th Nov 2023 at 6:15pm

Station Sweep

Helping to clean up some of the litter prone areas of Crewe.

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