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2 GoodGymers made their way to have an amazing time in Haringey.

  • Sarah Moore
  • Euclides Montes
Wednesday, 1st of April 2020
Led by Euclides Montes

65(ish) Goodgymmers wandered gingerly into the pub* and set out to have their brains tickled by GGHaringey. None were in the pyjamas

Kudos Corner

Big shout out to Darren McMahon who joined us as he was self-isolating against the unmentionable and still managed to keep his spirits up and make it fun. GGHero. 

No one ran anywhere for this one (though some claimed to cycle!) but one by one they arrived. Oh, reader, arrive they did. And they were gorgeous. Sarah from GGHaringey and yours truly were still ironing the details - particularly hard as yours truly, always the method actor, had been to the "pub" from early on. And useless with the interwebs. But on we marched. 

Anyway, everyone was keen to win the coveted Goodgym Lockdown Goodybag containing: two loo rolls, a small pot of baked beans, some custards, a mini gumball machine, some hand cream, and a signed and framed photo of our founder Ivo (mind you, signed by me not Ivo himself).

GGH Sarah jumped straight into the action and after a few teething problems, we were off. Kipchoge running to the moon this, Dr Burpee inventing the burpee that.

At some point I mused whether music might grease the wheels better and before you knew it, Goodgymmers were DJing from their kitchens and Moby's Flower was being shared around. Muscle memory did hurt (though I might have attempted the Sally Bring Up challenge, on me own, for shame). 

All throughout, a savvy provocateur - truly our very own GG Banksy - defaced the pub quiz powerpoint with poignant and sweet graffiti.

I hope you forgive me a maudlin interlude but know it's really hard to find rays of light in moments of darkness. And whilst most of us might have pictured apocalyptic times as turning us into Mad Max-style lone survivalists, what has become very clear instead is that the human spirit is bloody stronger than any of the sodding doom-mongers assumed and we're all here, looking after each other. Some of us are carrying on with our GG missions. Some of us are concentrating on the very local stuff. Some have our hand full providing our love ones with support and a sense of normality. But, above all, the important thing is that we are all looking after each other. Yep, take that The Book of Revelations. And things are bound to get harder but no doubt Leo will not think twice before delivering double what was needed for an elderly stranger in Newham, Lucy will carry 10kg of rice any day for her fellow self-isolators out there, and no matter what, we'll look after our own.

I bloody love you, Goodgym. I'm a tad drunk, and my heart is bursting with love so please forgive the sweary over-sentimental outbursts. Never change. No matter what happens from now on, Goodgym is going to be needed and there is no shadow of a doubt that we'll rise to the challenge.

Congrats to GGChelmsford on the win tonight <3

See you all at the same time, next week?

Report written by Euclides Montes

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Laurie Glendinning
Laurie Glendinning
Thursday April 2nd, 2020 10:47

Hi guys, thanks so much for the quiz! We had a great time. Was the consensus that we should lead the quiz next week? Thanks, Laurie (GG Chelmsford run leader)

Thursday April 2nd, 2020 15:54

As per usual E., sensationally witty. I'm so pleased the virtual GG quiz has gone national. We're all in this together and we'll make it through this together. Was it Ivo's forged signature or your signature on the prize winning photo?

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