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Portion of Paarlauf, please

6 runners ran on a training session in Camden.

  • Iman Kouchouk
  • John
  • Simon Fitzmaurice
  • Clair Sim
  • Paul
  • Emily
Wednesday, 9th of September 2020
Led by Simon Fitzmaurice

Six Camden Goodgym regulars joined us for a special interval session last night, lead by Simon from GG Islington. We met up at the Somers Town Community Centre, and ran to Russell Square as a small group, passing through Tavistock Gardens on route.

Upon arrival, we performed a dynamic warm-up to get the blood pumping, and a series of strides underneath through a green floral archway.

Our main workout for the evening was a "Paarlauf" interval session (or "pairs running" in Finnish). The objective is to switch between different running paces between two runners. Each of our runners paired up, and allocated themselves as runner 1 and runner 2. Runner 1 runs around the perimeter of Russell Square at a 70-80% effort (10 mile-10km pace) until they reach the opposite side of the park. At the same time, runner 2 would be running or walking straight across the park at a recovery pace (no more than 40% effort), and will meet up with runner 1 at the same spot. As the two runners meet, they switch roles, and continue the process.

6 minutes paarlauf running x 3

2 minutes recovery (walking back to a start point)

Our runners did a smashing job with the session, and actually got quicker towards the end of the workout! Trainer Simon, Paul and Clair ran back to Somers Town Community Centre again (with John Shirley following along with his bike- Thank you with assisting with the bag drop!).

If you are interested in participating in a future fitness session, Trainer Simon will be posting another track meet-up in Victoria Park on Saturday October 3rd (day before the London Marathon). Click here for more information and to sign up:

Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

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Thursday September 10th, 2020 13:06

They're only blurry because of the speedy runners perhaps...

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