Group run

Painting the Wendy House

14 runners ran 5.9km to help the Peter Pan Pre-School in Bath.

  • Emilie
  • Bath runner
  • Mary Caudle
  • Nicola Chouler
  • Sam Ollason
  • Bath runner
  • Mark Cooper
  • Allie Fisher
  • Alicia Cooper
  • Max McDermott
  • Bath runner
  • Phoebe Smith
  • Robert Carter
  • Seb Gethin
Tuesday, 3rd of March 2020
Led by Sam Ollason

As the nights are starting to get lighter, GoodGym Bath ran to Peter Pan Pre-School in Lower Weston to paint one of their sheds and sweep up the children's play area. Afterwards we headed to The Stable for some pizza and cider. What a fantastic Tuesday evening!

Welcome, Emilie!

We welcomed Emilie to her first run with GoodGym Bath. Thanks for coming and helping us out and we hope to see you again soon!

On with the task

Before Christmas we helped out at the school by spreading sand over the astroturf in the children's play area. We were delighted to be invited to return last night to continue developing the outside space. To make sure we got everything done in time we split into small teams.

The school has a shed in their outside area that the children use to play games in. Some of the runners bundled themselves into the shed and took responsibility for painting the interior. They managed to paint all four walls and the roof which was brilliant.

Another group of runners painted the outside face, the door and the side of the shed a pale blue colour. A third group of GoodGymmers painted the gate and fence posts at the front of the school using another colour (egg shell blue?) to give them a fresh lease of life. After we had done with our painting we helped some of the other volunteers and parents helpers to sweep up leaves and stones that had made their way into the play area. There wern't many brooms available so some runners got creative with their choice of brushing device!

Overall it was a really successful evening. There were 3 different colours of paint involved and lots of enthusiastic volunteers and we managed to avoid any mixups!


Thanks to the staff and volunteers at the school for hosting us and setting up the equipment. We had lots of fun and would really like to help you out again sometime soon! Thanks to Allie and Rachel for backmarking for us and thanks to Rachel for organising the social at The Stable afterwards. We plan on going on the first Tuesday of the month and it would be great if you could join us.

Report written by Sam Ollason

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Led by

Sam Ollason

Sam Ollason
Bath Coordinator. I love helping people get fit and volunteer at the same time.

Runners helping out

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