No half measures here, we went big!

0 runners ran 22km in a race in Tower Hamlets.

Sunday, 4th of March 2018
Led by Ed Field

200 GoodGym members took on the brand new Big Half Marathon in London, here are some of their experiences:

Dave M: "It was my first half marathon, I didn't know quite what to expect. Although running alone I really felt part of a team. Whether fellow runners sharing the pain or supporters sharing jelly beans, Team GoodGym were around every corner with smiles and cheers and the famous Red Thunder to get you through! Well done everyone!"

Damian: "I ran the big half as my first race for quite a few months and used it as a barometer for races to come this year. I loved the experience: running over Tower Bridge in the sunshine was a real treat and I ran right past Mo Farah at one of the cross over sections. Amazing to see him in action. I was very pleased with my time and felt it was in no small part to the brilliant cheers from GG people around the course."

Sharon: "Training was not ideal with family bereavement just before Christmas and then getting flu but thanks to the support from my friends at Goodgym and helping raise money for a local school,I got as many runs in as I could. Great atmosphere on the day and amazing support from all around. Lucky to have Kevin with me every step of the way. Well done to all #redthunder"

Dave M #2: "It was great to catch up with Damian (from my neighbouring GG borough), right as we reached Beth's cheer station [at mile 4]. We high fived her seconds apart. However my race strategy (ignore the cold & try to hang on to fast pace) and his race strategy (negative splits) meant he soon disappeared into the distance."

Laura N: "Got stranded in London before the race so couldn't retrieve my GG t shirt from Dublin as planned - have never missed any item of clothing as much as I missed my red top that day! Was still an awesome race and inspiring to see so many GG people turn out."

Sarah M: "This was my first half marathon and I was very nervous before the start as my training had been interrupted by an injury to my foot - but I made it! The support from GoodGym runners and cheerers was fantastic, particularly in the final stretch when I really needed a boost. Thank you all."

Ed F: It was amazing to be part of GoodGym's biggest ever race and be out on the course with 200 other runners. You were never more than 5 minutes away from seeing another person in a red GoodGym top to wave at. It was a great feeling"

(Title pun courtesy of Sarah Moore)

Report written by Bryon Chan

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