Multi-insta Personality

2 GoodGymers made their way to help an isolated older person in Camden.

  • Sevan
  • Kash
Saturday, 5th of August 2023

When Ms I opened the door, Kash asked if she and Sevan should take their shoes off having come from the muddy fields of Horsenden Farm. Ms I was surprised. Why would someone offer to take their shoes off? Was it some strange cultural phenomenon? Slightly on the defensive, Sevan said something about bringing dirt in from the outside. They decided to keep their shoes on 👟👟.

Ms I wanted to do more with her phone and confessed that she was very forgetful. Everything needed to be written down. Sevan asked if Ms I had a list of things to cover, which she didn't.

Unfortunately No One Can Take Your Call Right Now. Please Hang Up And Try Again Later 📞

First up, Ms I said that at times, she didn't see the red button to hang up a call. She wasn't sure when it happened or how she was making the call (phone, WhatsApp or something else). Kash ran through making and hanging up a few phone calls and everything worked perfectly.

Make My Photos Look Amazing 🖼️

Next, Ms I said that she wanted to be able to improve how her photos looked. Kash stepped through taking and tweaking photos in the Camera app and Gallery. Kash then noted down the key points in Ms I's notebook in her very neat handwriting.

Insta Star 🌟

The most important thing that Ms I wanted to learn was how to post photos of her artwork on Instagram. Kash and Sevan are (not) seasoned Instagrammers. Despite this, they figured out that Ms I already had an account and walked through how to post a photo from her Gallery and how to apply filters.

Guess Who? 👥

Ms I was curious about this existing Instagram account. Who set it up? How could she access it? What name was it under? Sevan couldn't answer the first question. For the second, Sevan showed Ms I the Profile page and explained that her user name was Some.Name.123 and the display name people would see when she posted was Some Name. She would have a - hopefully unique, secure - password for it too.

Ms I went 🤯

The idea that the user name and display name were different didn't sit well in her mind. Nor that she had no idea what her password was. Sevan tried a different approach.

It's like having Ms I listed next to your number in the phone book, then, when you answer the phone you say "Hello, this is some-name-starting-with-I". One's the public name in the phone book and the other is the one that you share with people you know.

Ms I went 🤯

Sevan looked to Kash to explain in a better way... 🤷‍♀️

They decided that in the grand scheme of things, this wasn't really too important. Kash wrote down the details for future reference and they carried on.

Bus Bug 🐞

Ms I's last question was about bus times. Something in her phone sometimes showed her bus times, but at other times didn't. She couldn't describe what did this for her. After some rummaging around her apps, Sevan found one called Bus Times, fired it up and found the local buses that Ms I was interested in. Sevan wasn't sure exactly what more Ms I wanted from the app. All he learned was that the app was pretty buggy and he didn't know how to explain the concept of unreliable software to Ms I, nor wanted to try.

Report written by Sevan

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