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17 runners ran 6.3km to help the Wonford Planters in Exeter.

  • Dean
  • Catherine
  • Claire Turner
  • Klara Kjellgren
  • Lewis Plumb
  • Vicky Hutchinson
  • Joe Willcocks
  • Exeter runner
  • Kim
  • Andrew Spry
  • Ellie
  • Lisa
  • Simon
  • Pete Hodges
  • Lawrence Schneck
  • Tom Tait
  • Nic Walker
Tuesday, 17th of September 2019
Led by Klara Kjellgren


17 runners got a fantastic leg work out during the 6.3 k run to help Wonford Planters with various gardening task. What a fantastic way to celebrate the GoodGym’s 10th anniversary! We had Dean, Andrew, Lawrence and Tom joining us for the first time. It was great to meet you and we hope you will come back soon to get fit by doing good with us again!

The Sky’s the Limit

As part of the GoodGym birthday celebrations we had a big GoodGym flag with us on the run this evening. Our challenge was to take the best photo we could in front of a local landmark and we choose Exeter Cathedral for this. As we all think the sky's the limit for the GoodGym we made sure our flag was flying pretty high! Check it out!! (Disclaimer: No-one took part in any dangerous climbing activity to place the flags on the cathedral...) We also had some great fun with our flag in other parts of Exeter, including our task location in Wonford, Princess Hay square and outside the Phoenix Art Center.

Party Game

In order to really get that birthday feeling we just had to incorporate a party game to our warm up session! After the usual high knees, heel flicks and skips we played a few rounds of “Squat, Squat, Goose”. It was great fun and certainly got us ready for running.

Working those celebrating legs

As always we stopped at regular intervals to re-group during our run so that no-one got lost or left behind. The re-grouping gave us time to do some great leg exercises. We did wall squats, jumping squats, lunges, jumping jacks and sumo squats. All these exercises will make you stronger as runners and reduce the risk of injury.

A lot of our Exeter runners have listed that their personal goal is to improve their running speed. To help with this we did some speed intervals. Great to see some red faces matching the red t-shirts again, it showed you gave it all you had! GREAT WORK everyone! A big thank you to Lucy who back marked this evening.

Doing good

At the task we met Jenny and a few other members of Wonford Planters, a small volunteer gardening group. The group was created in 2016 when cuts to local authority funding led to green spaces in the area becoming overgrown and unkept. Wonford Planters have since then been working hard to improve the area by preparing flower beds, cutting back hedges and keeping the area nice and tidy, so that it can be enjoyed by local residents. A fantastic initiative and great for the GoodGym to get involved with!

Our task involved gardening in a roundabout. We worked hard for 35 minutes with the following:

  • cutting back shrubs
  • weeding
  • planting spring bulbs
  • sweeping the ground

It was amazing how much we got done by working together! Great effort! One member of Wonford Planters said:

You have achieved as much as we usually do in a month! And that shrub over there has not been seen in years, now it is completely visible!

Birthday drinks

At the end of the group run we carried out some important stretches. A few runners then gathered for some birthday drinks in the Phoenix where we had a look at the amazing GoodGym book that we have been sent as part of the 10 year anniversary celebration. It is full of personal messages about the GoodGym and really lovely read. We even managed to find an Exeter quote in it! I will bring the book to the group run next week again if anyone else wants to check it out.

Party isn’t over yet...

Don’t forget we have our first community mission coming up on Saturday 21st at the Westbank in Exminster. This is an amazing opportunity for you to plan your own run and still get that feel-good-feeling from having carried out a good deed. The Westbank provides amazing services in Devon and beyond and it will be great for us to help them out with their allotment and garden area. You don’t have to run the whole way there if it feels a bit too far. There are lots of places along the canal path where you can leave your bike and run the rest, or you can run one way and catch the bus the other way. We really can’t wait to see you there and as this is part of the GoodGym 10 year birthday celebrations we will obviously have some birthday cake too! Sign up here, it will be fab!

Next week

Next week we will return to the Wonford planters for a second session of gardening tasks. By spending two weeks in a row with them we can really make a difference! Sign up here to come along! Your help will be very appreciated and we will have lots of fun!

To finish with- it is truly amazing that people have been getting fit by doing good with the GoodGym for 10years! It is also amazing that YOU now are part of that! By running and working on different tasks together every Tuesday evening you are making such a difference. Let's keep up the good work! A big thank you to the Westbank for funding us in the area and to the Phoenix for being our starting point.

Report written by Klara Kjellgren

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Led by

Klara Kjellgren

Klara Kjellgren
Trainer for GoodGym Exeter, coming summer 2019.

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