Jammin': Fig Jam

2 GoodGymers made their way to help an isolated older person in Hammersmith and Fulham.

  • Sevan
  • Kash
Saturday, 23rd of July 2022

It was 12:58 pm when Sevan and Kash realised it was time to wrap up their budget Co-Op lunch eaten on the curb of one of Shepherd's Bush backstreets and get moving. With no bins on sight, Kash promptly packed the empty boxes into her running bag.

S&K arrived at their mission location on time, after running a few hundred meters down the street. They were warmly welcomed by Ms A who hyped up their expectations, promising an Amazonian jungle at the back of her house. The task involved clearing the path to Ms A's garden table and the area surrounding it. The main obstacles on the way were ivy and a fig tree whose territorial claims were not acceptable to Ms A.

Sevan and Kash swapped their traditional roles, with Kash taking down the ivy, while Sevan got to use the cool tools and play games. After kicking about eight footballs over the fence back to the neighbours, Sevan pick up a saw and started cutting the branches of the tree that was spreading fig news all over the neighbourhood. Jealous of the saw, Kash opened the shed and fought against the cobwebs to find cooler tools (like a chainsaw?) but found only a set of forks. When she mentioned her discovery to Ms A, the lady exclaimed: "Aren't you scared?". It turned out that Ms A was convinced that Kash found a fox (not forks!) in the shed. Kash should definitely work harder not only on her gardening but her English skills as well!

Sevan managed to push back on the fig tree's unjustified demands with a saw, without losing any of his own limbs. The desperate tree launched then a last resort weapon which was a hidden knife in the middle of the path. Sevan, thanks to the great work of his counter-espionage, uncovered the threat and dodged the treacherous attack.

While clearing the path to the table was successful, S&K introduced a massive pile of garden waste in the middle of the garden. They haven't managed to fully transport the green waste to the front of the house - a present left for the next batch of GoodGymers visiting Ms A? While a cat spy visited to gather intelligence on the current state of affairs between Ms A and her garden flora, Sevan and Kash enjoyed a small refreshment from Ms A.

When S&K left Ms A's house, Kash was not aware she was still carrying in her bag the empty boxes left after the co-op katsu curry lunch. She discovered them only after the third mission of the day - the smell of katsu curry will always remind her about the glory days of S&K defeating figs and ivy.

Report written by Kash

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