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2 GoodGymers made their way to help an isolated older person in Newcastle.

  • Newcastle runner
  • Aimee
Saturday, 3rd of February 2024

There were certainly some challenges to today’s mission helping Mr G. The situation is quite sad so making a funny pun didn’t really seem appropriate, although I’ve ended up with a pun about not making a pun.

The first challenge Aimee and I faced was working out where exactly Mr G’s flat was. We know that the addresses in the Byker Wall are a law unto themselves but this one was more difficult than ever! After asking several neighbours and the shopkeeper (whose shop turned out to be attached to the block we were looking for) eventually a helpful neighbour pointed us in the right direction. Even then, getting into the block wasn’t easy, then working out why number 11 was between numbers 12 and 19 and eventually having to go upstairs before going down two sets of stairs, we were exhausted by the time we found number 10!

Mr G’s situation is very sad. He has been diagnosed with cancer and this, together with other physical difficulties, means that he has to leave his flat. We were asked to go and help him pack up his belongings. However, he doesn’t yet have a moving date so it was difficult to plan what we could pack and what he still needs. In the end we could only pack a few clothes but we assured him that his referrer could contact us again in the future when plans are clearer.

In the meantime Mr G seemed keen to chat and we stayed for a while. Hopefully he found this as helpful as the packing.

Report written by Newcastle runner

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