Training session

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5 runners ran on a training session in Bristol.

  • Bristol runner
  • Melanie Young
  • Alexis Wiseman
  • Jenny Chak
  • Julie M
Sunday, 24th of May 2020
Led by Richard Giddings

The game began with the letter G. I spy with my ginormous eye something containing the letter ‘G’.

The game was then to spot something on your walk or run with the current letters, getting a point for each letter used. You could add a letter if you used all the letters.

There were 5 players and after a fiercely fought contest with some interesting uses of the letters including “MillEnium siGnposT up DundrY.”, “Gromit”, some fun animal pictures and “The Mike Gallivan Park” (see the pictures and guess the letters used if you can) Mel emerged victorious.

Thanks for playing and be excellent to each other.

Report written by Richard Giddings

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