Ham and Get It!

1 GoodGymer made their way to help an isolated older person in Wandsworth.

  • Lucy Hill
Saturday, 22nd of January 2022

This week I celebrated (can you call shopping a cause for celebration? I think so) my 30th mission to help out Mrs J. To mark the occasion, V had thrown a rogue one into the weekly list - instead of our usual spam, she wondered whether they had tinned lean ham. She had seen some in Sainsburys, and thought Mrs J might want to try that.

Otherwise, the shopping consisted of all the usuals - the tarts, the potatoes, the soup and of course the 20 bars of galaxy.

Upon arrived to Mrs J’s, rather than being greeted with a ‘hello’ or a ‘thank you’, the door was opened to ‘have you got chocolate in there?’. Yes, Mrs J, I have. And nice to see you too!

Once she had confirmed that said galaxy was in the bag, she ran off and came back with two bars, identical to two of the twenty in her shopping bag, and forced them upon me. I say force, as she literally pushed them into my hand with more power than I was expected from a 4 foot something 91 year old!

Following the above, we thanked each other for the chocolate. Like some sort of sweet dairy pass the parcel. We had a chat, and I went on my way… until next week!

Report written by Lucy Hill

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