GoodGym Time Trial - Victoria Park Edition

Sunday, 26th of February 2017

0 runners ran in a race in Hackney.

    On a slightly brisk Sunday morning Team GoodGym turned up for the Monthly Time Trial hosting in the lovely Victoria Park. It was so lovely that another that race company thought similar and were hosting their own 10km. So with a slightly later start to ensure the other race was on Team GoodGym took on either a 5 km route or the 10km route. To guide them round I had the wonderful Rodney and Beth Hoskins on marshal duties and true to GoodGym law they ensured no one got lost and no one was left behind.

    The slightly cold conditions meant no one hanging around and meant we had some blistering pace set with Hassan breaking the 22-minute mark and Lina doing her first ever 5km run, cracking stuff.

    All in all it was another great morning capped off with a lovely coffee and brunch in the nearby café afterwards. Nice one GoodGym, I’m looking forward to next months Handicapped race already.

    Here are the times and distances:

    • Hassan 5 km 0:21:59.81

      *Mathew 5 km 0:21:49.56

      *Kike 10 km 0:59:20.64

      *Andy Lulham 7.5km 0:34:13.62

      *Rosie Ashwood 5 km 0:22:27.68

      *Lina Ahmed 5 km 0:31:43.62

      *Issac Gideon Young 10 km 0:40:18.89

      *Ivo Gormley 10 km 0:42:33.76

      *Silva 5 km 0:25:47.66

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    Hassan Noshib
    Hassan Noshib Sun 26 Feb 2017

    Wow! This means I just achieved my GG running goal! Cheers guys!! x

    Islington runner
    Islington runner Sun 26 Feb 2017

    Woop woop - I think this might be my 10k pb!! Thanks for organising Tom

    Ivo Gormley
    Ivo Gormley Mon 27 Feb 2017

    nice one everyone - thanks partic to Tom Rodney and Beth for support and making it happen

    Andy Lulham
    Andy Lulham Mon 27 Feb 2017

    Awww this is ace!

    Andy Lulham
    Andy Lulham Mon 27 Feb 2017

    Awww this is ace!

    Issac Gideon Young
    Issac Gideon Young Tue 28 Feb 2017

    Thanks so much for organising Tom and to super-marshalls Beth and Rodney x

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