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3 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Richmond.

  • Alex Murtough
  • Andy
  • Michelle
Saturday, 19th of October 2019

Dear fellow deeder of the good and the wonderful,

I'm afraid that I must start this mission report with a complaint. And albeit small, a complaint it remains nonetheless. For you may have heard, as a diligent GoodGymer who's always got their ears glued to the GGG (GoodGymGround), that the nastiest of nasty rumours has been spreading.

Is it, you cry, that Alex is the best weeder in the business? Or maybe that Alex paints charity shop walls better than the rest? Or is it even that Alex can do a rubik's cube in under two seconds? No, of course it isn't! Pull yourself together! This rumour is both nasty AND false.

Now, prepare yourself, as...

...some good deeder (for nothing) has been putting it about that the GG Greenwich crew don't do anything outside of Greenwich. Shock and horror and all the bloomin' rest! Exactly, what a load of karma-ridding baloney that is. Baloney, I say!! We have (collectively) gone to AT LEAST two socials.

And dear reader, today, I made the journey of a lifetime. Across fields and forests and oceans, from Greenwich to Richmond, to crack on with some good-deeding #StraightOuttaGreenwich style.

Okay, the rumour may be true. But enough of that and enough of this silliness, for I have some super important mission action to report.

The time was 11, the sun was trying its best at shouting IT'S SATURDAY, and arriving at the lovely Mr B's, I was joined by the awesome GGers, Michelle and Andy. Michelle had swiftly run over as part of her training for the Richmond Half on the 3 November (which you'll smash Michelle!) and Andy had hot-footed it from the Wimbledon Parkrun where his Dad had just completed his 100th run; a big congrats to Andy Snr!

Having been welcomed by the wonderful Mr and Mrs B, we cut straight to our mission-critical work; shifting the front room's furniture so that our lovely couple could enjoy it the way they deserve to.

First things first, the technique, as limited space = creative moving solutions needed. And despite my considerable efforts, all I really mustered was a vacant smile. Fortunately, Michelle and Andy cracked the code and we got to it by lifting and turning and nudging and budging, all of us shooting the breeze as we went about how sociable GG Greenwich are. Both Michelle and Andy remarked that they wished GG Hounslow was as sociable.

Okay. OKAY! Maybe that didn't happen but it doesn't mean that Greenwich aren't sociable!

After 45 minutes, we finished up by quickly tidying and hoovering, and by dismantling a fan for winter storage. And with that, we bid a very warm goodbye to Mr and Mrs B and trotted towards the centre feeling rather good about our morning's efforts.

Thank you to Michelle and Andy for a lovely morning, and to Mr and Mrs B for welcoming us into their home.

Nice one. Happy days.

Report written by Alex Murtough

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Saturday October 19th, 2019 20:35

🙌🏻 Rumours smashed Alex!

Dave Guest
Dave Guest
Monday October 21st, 2019 12:29

Nice work folks, well done!

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