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Excellent Effort from Enthusiastic Explorers Energetically Enjoying some Extra Exercise

4 runners ran on a training session in Derby.

  • Peter Van Tongeren
  • Derby runner
  • Gwyn Williams
Saturday, 23rd of May 2020
Led by Tracey

We start off this week’s run with a bit of nature, Gwyn found some elder on his route, and by nice coincidence, I think he is the eldest of the runners today! Katherine found a green e-trio; English Oak, elm tree and an evergreen hedge. She also found signs for Exquisite Designs, eggs for sale, and a job advert for an electrical technician. In an empty car park, Peter spotted another sign advertising the Explore learning unit, which teaches English for exam success.

Tracey’s first sign was a road sign, pointing to East Midlands Airport, and also Elvaston Castle. There’s a new housing estate visible in the background. On arrival at Elvaston Castle, she was then able to display her lovely parkrun top, along with her eight chins and both ears. In the castle grounds, she saw Elvaston Cricket Club, and the Equestrian Centre. There were also some eaves in the picture, but she didn’t actually cotton on until looking at one of Gwyn’s photos, which was exclusively of eaves (he took in some extra elevation in his route to get that picture – thanks, Gwyn!). More eaves from Tracey at East Lodge, as she exited the castle grounds.

And from house names to numbers, Gwyn saw a number eleven and also a number eight. Multiplying the two gives us eighty-eight, which Tracey saw (so good, they numbered it twice), and she also spotted her favourite number, e.

She then went on to see a numberplate beginning with E. Peter got his eye on a Mercedes E Class, and Gwyn spotted an electric car. Speaking of electrics, Peter saw an electrical pylon, and Katherine spotted an electricity substation, not far from Town End Road, and the entrance to a local school. Peter saw entry and exit points, too, near the Holiday Inn Express, and Tracey saw the gate to Elvaston Lodge Care Home, which serves as both entrance and exit. Tracey and Peter both have a similar confession to make, they each lacked in energy, and as a result missed out on photographing an extra care-home-related E. Peter didn’t have time in his busy day to make the detour to take in his local Elderberries care home (practically on the doorstep of Epping Forest), and whilst Tracey ran right past The Yews, she was too early and would have had to make a return trip several hours later to have seen Elvis performing live on the lawn entertaining the residents, watching him through glass. A sign of our current times, as was Katherine’s picture of Easter Eggs still displayed in a closed shop.

This brings us back to signs once more. Tracey spotted an ems security sign, and Gwyn saw one from ERDF (good eyes spotting that small print!). Then a couple of street signs from Tracey; Ellastone Gardens, and Elvaston Lane (there’s a police enforcement camera sign in the background of that one, too).

Tracey also saw a scarecrow called Eva, rather sorry for herself, sadly (having been placed in a windy corner) her head was dangling over the back of the seat, but she serves as a reminder of the dedication of care workers. Gwyn spotted E2R on a postbox, reminding us of another set of hard-working people (especially hard if their next collection is on Monday, as that’s a bank holiday (at least, it is in England if not Wales!)).

Thanks for reading, everyone, we’ve now come to the end of the run report. More excitement and exercise to be had next week, I hope!

Report written by Tracey

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Gwyn Williams
Gwyn Williams
Sunday May 24th, 2020 12:42

Another great run report. Well done collating all the pictures.Thank you Tracey.

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