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2 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Islington.

  • anne malcolm
  • Elizabeth
Tuesday, 20th of August 2019

This week's after-work mission was with the chop-happy Anne, who, after today's carnage, I both admire and fear in equal measure.

Our mission today was for Ms L in Islington. Ms L has a large rear garden that she used to tend assiduously. Unfortunately, over the last few years her arthritis has gotten more severe. This has meant that she's become less able to use secateurs and consequently keep up with the upkeep of her garden. Her local council asked GoodGym if we could help with us.

After being shown through to Ms L's rear garden (and discovering a chewed through cat collar for a cat named "Kuro" (presumably a black cat)), we got started! I was keen to get chopping, and so, with a few wistful snips at some errant roses, Anne kindly tackled the lawn instead. Luckily, the combination of very little grass and a plethora of hitherto undetected stones meant that she was soon finished "mowing" the lawn and joined me at the chop.

While I favoured the secateurs, Anne's instrument of death was some 90 degree shears. We nicknamed these shears "Ibis", as we thought they looked a lot like the head of the Egyptian death God, Thoth. Certainly, in the hands of Anne, it judged a large percentage of green stuff as wanting: It wasn't too long before I switched from destruction to clean-up by ferrying the discarded foliage to the afterlife (a couple of large green-waste bags).

Around 90 minutes or so passed in this manner before we realised that the bags were completely full and so made our goodbyes to Ms L. She was very happy with our work and hoped that some more GoodGymmers will be able to come back and clear some more of the garden.

Lovely working with you again, Anne! 😄

Report written by Elizabeth

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