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Dicing with Breath

28 runners ran 3.2km to help their local community in Islington.

  • Steve Coman
  • Alex Cameron-Smith
  • Vicki McLellan
  • Islington runner
  • Danica Priest
  • Simon Loughran
  • Patrick Luong
  • Benedict Lumley
  • Claire Rees-Sewak
  • Melissa Brovig
  • Frances Powrie
  • Aidan Padfield
  • Daniel Allen-baines
  • Georgina
  • Graham Atkins
  • Sonal Taank
  • Nadia
  • James Gilbert
  • David Puttergill
  • Hugh Howell
  • Dan Lombard
  • Arabella Peatfield
  • Niamh Beddy
  • Nina Jhatakia
  • Kyla McKenzie
  • Stephen Kirlew
  • David Postolowsky
  • Penni Rome
Monday, 25th of July 2016
Led by Simon Fitzmaurice

Two tasks on this lovely summer evening in Islington.

One group popped up to Whittington Park. Aidan describes:

We arrived at Whittington Park after our longer run down Holloway Road. Our fortnightly task awaited us with Martin ready with bin bags and gloves.

The majority of us tackled the 1 o'clock club's garden as we need to keep up our good work of maintaining a weed and nettle free garden for the kids who use the club.

There was also the task of de-weeding the entrance of the main building, keeping it looking great for everyone!

After working hard for twenty minutes what better way to treat ourselves than with some circuits. Everyone got a chance to pick an exercise for everyone else to do whilst they went on a short lap of the field. Although some of the ladies did get a bit lost along the way! We had all the classics; press ups, sit-ups, planking and two types of squatting for good measure. All before rejoining Holloway Road for our run back.


The other group travelled to Barnsbury Community Centre. We've spent a lot of time over the last year helping create a wonderful garden in the disused space behind the centre and we're now just putting the finishing touches to the project for their grand launch on 25th August.

First job was to get gloves out the storage cabinet. Simple, right? Nope. A combination of stupid rain and then stupid heat meant the combination lock for the cabinet had seized up completely. Despite the best efforts of Caroline, Patrick and a pair of pliers it remained stuck. Not to worry: we'd just have to be extra careful.

We spent 25 minutes carrying old pallets and broken bits of wood round to the estate's waste disposal site, having a thoroughly good weed and watering plants. Nice work.

Following the task we played "Dice of Doom" with Simon's new giant foam dice: everybody had a chance to throw the dice and determine the activity that had to be performed for 15 seconds. There were alternate squat thrusts, running high knees, start jumps (LOTS of start jumps), sprints, dreaded burpees (boo) and the elusive jogging on the spot. We then played a game that Caroline made up. Nobody was quite sure what it was.

Back at the pool we had a free stretch, a biscuit and voted on the proper way to eat scones: jam then cream, cream then jam, or Claire's suggestion, butter, jam then cream (which is apparently the traditional Cornish way of doing things)? Jam then cream won by quite a large margin. Some people were disgusted at this - especially Steve - but the people have spoken.

If anybody wants to make scones for next week maybe we could put it to the test.


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Steve Coman
Steve Coman
Tuesday July 26th, 2016 14:30

Simon, the people may have spoken, but as we've seen recently, sometimetimes get it wrong.

Simon Loughran
Simon Loughran
Tuesday July 26th, 2016 14:35

You're not getting political are you, Steve?

Steve Coman
Steve Coman
Tuesday July 26th, 2016 19:22

Who me....never.

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