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Cross Your Heart And Hope It Dries!

25 runners ran 4.0km to help the St Davids Church in Exeter.

  • Exeter runner
  • Rachel White
  • Florence Lock
  • Klara Kjellgren
  • Holly May
  • Lizzie
  • Rosie McTigue
  • Vicky Hutchinson
  • Exeter runner
  • Sarah Benthall
  • Pete Hodges
  • Andy
  • Anna Cawrse
  • Nic Walker
  • Sarah Johnson
  • Sophie Lebecq
  • Emma
  • Charlie
  • Aled Midha
  • Isabella
  • Pazzy Boardman
  • Anna Wren
  • Lexi Solt
  • Oliver Lewis
  • Thomas Marshall
Tuesday, 28th of January 2020
Led by Klara Kjellgren

25 (YES 25!!) incredible runners ran 4 k to help re-decorate the Parish Room in St Davids Church. This room is used for a soup kitchen and other charity work. What a great task for us get stuck in with!

Awesome to have Isabella, Pazzy, Anna, Lexi, Oliver and Thomas with us for the first time. It was great to have you with us and we hope you come back soon again!


We started our evening with a dynamic warm up session outside the Phoenix, playing a round of "Simon Says" involving a lot of high knees, lunges and star jumps. Warmed up and ready we set off towards out task location. It was a nice crisp evening, so much nicer than the stormy and icy weather we have had lately and it felt amazing to stretch our legs out! As always we re-grouped at regular intervals so that no-one got left behind. These stops are also perfect opportunities for squat challenges. LOVE IT!

The task owners very kindly let us use the church for our fitness session and it felt a real treat to do a core session on soft carpet rather than on wet grass or hard concrete! We did 10 different types of sit-ups and planks held for 30 seconds each, followed by Eminem's core challenge. GREAT WORK GUYS!

Don't think we ever thought we'd be doing a core session in a church! The things you get to experience with the GoodGym hey!

On the return run we took a new route again to make the run a bit longer. Such great effort, such lovely red faces when we returned to our base. You guys smashed it!


Good things come in three right! This was our third evening of working at St David's Church and everyone knew exactly what they were doing by now. We got stuck in straight away and worked hard for 45 minutes paining the doors, the ceiling and the walls.

What a fantastic end result! A complete transformation of the Parish Room! Ceiling, walls, cupboards are now sparkling white instead of dark orange. Check out the before and after photos, you just won’t believe it!

It has been amazing to have an indoor task this dark and blustery time of the year and it has also been FANTASTIC to have such good turn-out for the runs! Over three weeks 61 runners have been involved with re-decorating the Parish room, giving it a make-over so that the charities that use it can enjoy it more. BRILLIANT STUFF!


Big thank you to Nic who back marked. Such an important job!

Lovely to have so many great runners with us from the Exeter Uni's Cool Running Society. Thank you Emma for making this happen!

A special shout out to Helen who travels really far to join us every Tuesday evening! Such dedication!

Thank you to the lovely task owners at St Davids Church have let us use the church for our fitness sessions, away from the rain, and this evening also treated us to some amazing homemade cakes and biscuits.

A BIG shout out to every single one of you who came along with so much energy and such great attitude! You all did something amazing, you got fit whilst doing good! yay! Can't wait to see you all next week!


Next week we will be running a total of 4 k to Newtown and Pennsylvania to do some leafleting for Ride On. We will do some little fitness challenges along the way and make this important task lot’s of fun! Sign up here and join us!

Don't forget to check the website for Community Missions. We got some great ones coming up!

Report written by Klara Kjellgren

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Led by

Klara Kjellgren

Klara Kjellgren
Trainer for GoodGym Exeter, coming summer 2019.

Runners helping out

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    • Exeter runner
  • Photographer

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    • Nic Walker

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