Couch us if you can!

3 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Westminster.

  • Girija Tase
  • Carol Carney
  • Oliver Cannon
Monday, 14th of October 2019

We arrived at the scene at lunch time. Greeted by fellow lunch time good deeders Oli and Girija. We were not quite expecting as many twists and turns during this task, but we overcame all obstacles in our path.

On the outside we were greeted by the early arrival of the hospital bed from the equipment company... And by coincidence 2 x removal vans (thankfully they were for the flat above us.. Phew!)

To get access to the flat we made a couple of calls. Lunchtime traffic in Westminster was delaying our access as the Occupational Therapy assistant was coming via a black cab.

Inside the flat operation coach was all go as we were under a bit of pressure to finish by the end of lunch. We were faced with a problem solving situation that involved negotiating a huge couch through a rather narrow doorway. We fought the couch, but the couch won... Or so it thought!

Round 2 involved goodgymmers battling with another sofa... Sofa so good. The two seater was a little more forgiving and was a little easier to get through the door.

On to the corridor was had a chuckle brother moment of 'me to you' but managed to direct it through the corridor into the spare room. A little snug in the room but it was a fit!

We now had sufficient space in the living room for a new hospital bed, commode and enough space for Mrs. M to move with her rollator zimmer frame in the room.

Thank you to Oliver and Girija for giving up your lunch times for the mission! It was lovely working with you both 🙌 Good team effort all around and.... Mission complete! 🥇

Report written by Carol Carney

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Nikki Costain
Nikki Costain
Wednesday October 16th, 2019 10:54

Amazing work and thanks so much for being so patient everyone!

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