Can you unslow my computer?

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  • Madhan
Sunday, 27th of August 2023

Was the request that Ms.H made when I visited her this time. This was my second tech visit to Ms.H after a few months.

Ms.H was enthusiastic and chatty like the last time. She bought some donuts for me in case I would like to eat some. But I politely declined and asked for a glass of water instead.

Ms.H showed me some emails and demonstrated how slow her system was. I tried to clear some system files by using disk cleanup. It took 15 minutes and got stuck. I tried clearing the browser data and it was stuck as well.

I noticed that for every operation, the Norton Antivirus was doing a background check and the Disk Usage and Memory went up.

Given that Microsoft is doing a decent job with Windows Defender these days, I suggested uninstalling the Norton. Ms.H said that her friend suggested the same thing as well.

It took quite a lot of time to uninstall Norton as it was slow. In the meantime, Ms.H asked if it was safe to use Google Pay on her mobile. But worried about her phone getting stolen and losing all her money. I tried to explain the security and safety of Contactless but decided to end it shortly as it would make things complicated for her.

Then Ms.H made tea for both of us. It was already hot inside Ms.H's house as the Windows were not open and the weather was not helping as well. However, that doesn't stop me from having the tea.

The computer performed better than before. I suggested Ms.H upgrade her RAM from 4GB to 8GB and told her it would cost around £20 to get a new one.

Ms.H asked me to send it to her mail. But she forgot her Gmail password. She tried checking her notebooks, I decided to save the info in a text file on her Desktop.

Before leaving Ms.H wanted to show me some pictures of the cat which her friend forwarded in WhatsApp. After that, I started traveling to Canary Wharf to fit a patio table

Report written by Madhan

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