Tower Hamlets


Bedding Down...

2 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Tower Hamlets.

  • Leo
  • Nick Moore
Thursday, 24th of September 2020

Leo and I discovered that Mr M was a man of few words - but fortunately the task in front of us proved pretty straight forward and required little conversation, with the added bonus that Mr M's block had a working lift to transport the two parts of the surprisingly light divan base to ground level and out to the bin area for removal.

Task accomplished pretty quickly, apart from Leo encountering a couple of residents keen to get into the lift but realising in these Covid times it would be an uncomfortable squeeze against the bed base and impossible to maintain the requisite 1m (with extra precautions...), and so sensibly waited for it to return minus bed (and masked Leo) to their floor.

Report written by Nick Moore

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Saturday September 26th, 2020 13:15

Superb report Nick, thanks. Also great to meet you!

Nick Moore
Nick Moore
Sunday September 27th, 2020 19:55

Thanks Leo and likewise - was great to finally meet (after all this time) in person!

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