Group run

A 'Flippin’ Good Time Had by All!!

11 runners ran 6.0km to help their local community in Crewe.

  • Karl Hukins
  • Nicola Marshall
  • Karen Whitehead
  • Christopher Nightingale
  • Louise Guilliard
  • Maurice Fitzgerald
  • Sophie Whetnall
  • Heather
  • Lauren
  • Rosemary Cooke
  • Nigel Whitehead
Wednesday, 19th of February 2020
Led by Nicola Marshall


Great to see Heather back tonight after a few weeks away and wow Heather, you made light work of our run this evening – well done!! And well done to everyone for coming out on a cold, dark and damp night. You are all heroes!

Thank You

Huge thanks to Suzanne for becoming the 5th member of the Taskforce. Thanks so much Suzanne! Big thanks tonight to Maurice for being our walk leader once again (which is fabulous as I think he knows the streets of Crewe better than anyone!) and to Nigel and Rose for taking on the role of back markers this evening. And Nigel, thank you for returning the abandoned shopping trolley with me -2 good deeds in one night!!! Thank you to Catherine Cleghorn - Vicar of St. Andrew’s and John the Baptist churches in Crewe – for the hospitality and very warm welcome ;-)

Tonight’s Task

Next week is Shrove Tuesday and not being one to let an occasion pass us by, this week's warm up obviously had to involve pancakes!! Sadly there was no eating of said pancakes, just racing with them in a pan and flipping them!!! A totally normal way to warm up for a run – well in Crewe at least!! It turns out that we have some pretty awesome pancake flippers in our midst (me not being one of them!!!). Roll on next Tuesday when you can put your freshly honed skills to good use again with the real deal!!

We set off on our task, winding our way through some of the busiest streets in Crewe. Our walkers had set off a little earlier – could we beat them?!! Once again, we were super blessed with dry weather – although Lauren didn’t manage to stay dry for long after stepping in a big puddle and totally submerging her foot!! Oops!!

Tonight, our task was delivering leaflets for a newly launched youth club – something that the area is desperately crying out for and has been organised by the local churches and members of our community. Upon our arrival at the church, it was clear that the walkers must have stormed rather than ambled because they looked like they’d been there for hours! Juice and biscuits had been generously laid on for us but my personal highlight of the evening was when Sophie asked if it would be ok use the loo and was greeted by a response of ‘are you scared of spiders?’, to which Sophie replied, ‘No’. And a truly good job that Sophie ISN’T afraid, as there was a whole congregation of spiders hanging out in the church loos apparently!!

We left the church, armed with leaflets and good spirits, sometimes running, sometimes walking and covering many more streets and roads of Crewe and managing to deliver every single leaflet!! Yep, every single one!! A brilliant achievement. Well done everyone!! Awesome team work.

We headed back to base and ended our evening with GoodGym Crewe’s very own attempt at a human shaped heart – I think it’s fair to say that it needs work!!!

I know I said it last week but I’m going to say it again - Thank you for making my Wednesday evenings so wonderful and for making Crewe a better place to live. It's always an absolute pleasure.

Hope to see you all next week! Have a fab weekend everyone!

Stay safe, Lots of Love, Nicola xxxx

Report written by Nicola Marshall

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Led by

Nicola Marshall

Nicola Marshall
I'm Nicola, proud GoodGym Trainer for Crewe! I love people, volunteering, running, travelling, dreaming & chocolate!!!

Runners helping out

  • Walk Leader

    Lead a walking group to the task

    • Maurice Fitzgerald
  • Back marker

    Make sure that no one is left behind

    • Nigel Whitehead

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