Everytime you go for a run you’re probably passing the home of someone who’s isolated or lonely. GoodGym and parkrun are inviting you to stop off and make a difference. parkrun and GoodGym are partnering to enable thousands of runners to support older people.

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About the partnership:

GoodGym runners combine getting fit with doing good. They do things such as physical tasks for community organisations and visits to support isolated older people.

parkrun and GoodGym will make it easier than ever for people to get involved in volunteering and physical activity. Through the partnership, parkrunners will be invited to GoodGym runs and GoodGym runners will be invited to parkrun. Together we aim to support 60,000 older people by 2020.

Every time you go for a run you probably pass by the home of someone who’s isolated or lonely and stuck at home. By taking 30 minutes out of one of your weekly runs you can make a huge difference to their life. GoodGym and parkrun are working together to reach as many older people as we can.

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Find your reason to run

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