Help Ms J shop for an omelette

Yes, can pay cash


Ms J is currently shielding with her sister. She's been wanting a mushroom omelette lately but can't go out, so would appreciate if she could get some help with her shopping to satisfy her cravings! At the moment her shopping list consists of just eggs, milk and mushrooms, but it would be great if the volunteer could give her a ring in advance to check if she's thought of anything else she'd like with her omelette.

Date and time

15:00 - 16:30 Saturday, 23rd of May 2020

Sign up by 3:00pm on Thursday 21st May

Confirmation email will be sent by Friday evening


Confidential location in Lewisham. View Map

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  • Shel

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Confidential location in Lewisham. Approximate location to the nearest 150m shown


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