AIR: Run Richmond Park - Half Marathon (TEAM EVENT)

Audio Inspired Running in London's largest Royal Park


This is a brand new race , part of Richmond Run Fest. This race has music following you for the whole distance and there is a live music after party.

I propose an idea to make this event a little different....I am looking to create a Half Marathon team of "coaches" and "runners". The coaches will have run a Half Marathon before and be comfortable (ish) with the distance. They will then be responsible for motivating and encouraging the runners , maybe arranging training runs and potentially running the entire race as a team or in small groups . I think it would be awesome if the race can be targeted at runners who have wanted to run a Half Marathon race but have yet to do so, and this way they won't be on their own as they will have "coaches" with them every step of the way and it becomes one big GG event!

I will also be doing the same with a 10km group.

This is the link to the website to sign up (cost is £40.00 I believe)

Once you have registered for the race, sign up for it on here and in the comment box below, state whether you will be a "coach" or a "runner"

Any questions just ask!

*Timing of the race is TBC

Date and time

09:00 - 13:00 Sunday, 25th of October 2020


Richmond Park
TW10 5HS View Map

What to look out for

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Richmond runner
Richmond runner
Saturday November 9th, 2019 18:17

Happy to be "coach/cheerleader" for whoever wants to run their first half marathon

Friday March 6th, 2020 19:52

Jenna, I've done the deed and signed up for this ... and I would really appreciate you as my coach/cheerleader.

Richmond runner
Richmond runner
Saturday March 7th, 2020 10:30

Hi Anita
This is fantastic news, good for you!! I was down to run this too but when I saw that no one else seemed to be interested in running it and because my training hasnt been the best I changed my entry to the 10km! :-( but, i am still more than happy to do some training runs with you as you train for the half marathon, what do you think?

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Led by

Jenna Barun

Jenna Barun
Counsellor and advocate on how running and volunteering is good for our mental health.

Who's going

  • Sam
  • Rebecca Bissell
  • Anita

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