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Saturday 16th December 2023

Report written by Sevan

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Today was our last visit to Grove Farm before Xmas and we were supposed to have a nice tree planting task, looking forward to the new year and into the spring by planting new life. Things don't always go as expected, however and the discovery last week of flytipped rubble all along the adjoining road brought a change of plan.

The folk who dumped the waste must've been Olympic level shotputters as they'd managed to get large, awkwardly shaped chunks well into the undergrowth. Christos and Sevan were going to need to train up in other sports to help clear the area. Some of the pieces were easily accessible and the smaller pieces went straight into rubble sacks. Hacky sack was not one of the sports to train in today though as these bags would've crushed their toes.

Other blocks were nestled in patches of brambles, so turns were taken to chop their way through to get access. When larger chunks were discovered, they needed to be lifted like Atlas Stones, carefully, and moved onto a trolley. Christos then launched the very low trolley bobsleigh-like to slide the concrete, round the banking of a roundabout to it's final destination.

Through the task, the team managed to clear one patch completely, then started on the largest area at the opposite end of Grove Farm. There's still plenty more to be gathered, which will undoubtedly be a task for a visit in the new year.

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Conservation work in Grove Farm a nature reserve in North Greenford. We do a variety of tasks including clearing brambles to improve plant diversity, planting trees, creating ponds. Also litter picking when required.

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