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3 Goodgymers helped their local community in Derby
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Tuesday 30th January

Report written by Rachel Carthy

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Ashley, Pete and Rachel were summoned back to St Matthew's Church to remove some unwanted ivy from a boundary wall, to prevent any damage to the wall and to clear one of the main pathways into the churchyard, making it more accessible for visitors.

A whole section of ivy was removed from a wall and the path was made much more accessible and inviting, with overgrown bushes cut back and low hanging branches removed.

This was a real transformation session where it was clear to see an improvement from the before and after, great to see what a difference can be made by three volunteers in a short space of time.

David from the church thanked us for the progress made and we were really appreciative of the biscuits he brought to fuel the session.

Thanks to Ashley and Pete for helping out and bringing their own gardening tools on what was actually a pretty mild evening spent in the churchyard.

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Tidying the plots and the Garden of Rest at St Matthew's Church
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Improve the grounds and make the plots more accessible for visitors

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