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4 Goodgymers helped their local community in Richmond
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Monday 6th May

Report written by Sarah-Jane Messenger

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Task 1: Lifting a Shipping continar by hand! Who needs Strong men competition when you have Good gym. Ok we did use a large pole, we are still the strongest Goodgymers in the west.

Task 2: Prep for Moving boats, We moved old types ready fo boats to rest on. At this point I was questioning why, we are not preping for to the next 40 day flood.

Task 3: Switching Boats over so the outside boat can get cleaned. As you have guess the rain was getting heavyer and these Boats are not how I image Noah loading animals. By we did lift safely 2 by 2.

Task 4: Sweeding the main building, in doing this task the Kayaks where moved. I think it was a quick once over to confirm we can get into boats ready for the high waters.

Task 5: Sam climbed the stair way to mud, to clean the continars. I docmented the flowers so we have arecord for when the floods come.

We walked away in the Sunny (and not so dry) Richmond

Victoria Foster
Sarah-Jane Messenger
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Helping this great children's running event

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