Sailed through the strikes and the seven Cs

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Thursday 10th November 2022

Report written by Patrick Luong

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The tubes went on strike but a small and mighty group of Achilles International allies joined forces and struck back

The Achilles International London chapter brings together runners who are blind or visually impaired for a social run and meeting each Thursday. It's so important and valued by all, but especially the visually impaired runners who often have less choice and flexibility to exercise.

Alas, the strikes meant it was too difficult for many to meet at The Emirates, but the show still went on. A few local runners assembled and were joined by Achilles guide John who heroically jumped on his tandem bicycle to pick up Naqi and bring him to the session (and of course took him home afterwards!).

Naqi had his choice of guides and paces and enjoyed a warm up before several laps with our speedy new member. Patrick happily volunteered to watch the bags (listening to music of course!) while the others went for a social jog and chat.

Next week, normal service resumes at the Paddington Rec. Details and sign up are here

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