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6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Tower Hamlets
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Tower Hamlets

Monday 3rd July 2023

Report written by Laura Williams

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A small group gathered on the steps of the Town Hall Hotel tonight before our task on the pretty Parkview Estate.

It was a gorgeous evening to sit and have a quick chat, soaking up the sun and discussing what we'd be doing that evening.

Setting out along Old Ford Road, we headed up leafy Approach Road, turning into Sewardstone Road, only to be greeted by task owner Catherine and young Liam, who were just heading out to meet us in the Community Garden.

Joined by fellow resident Seb, we were briefed on tonight's task: watering rather thirsty young fruit trees in-and-around the estate.

The estate gardens are large, and enjoyed by many residents, particularly those without their own gardens.

Adding fruit trees to the estate has meant residents also get to enjoy some edible produce (we were approached by several young residents this evening, keen to let Catherine know they'd tried some of the raspberries grown on the estate!).

With three teams tackling the whole of the estate, a lot was accomplished in a short space of time.

Danya, Esme and Seb headed off first to the areas of the Estate near Old Ford Road; Rosie, Catherine, Liam and I headed off to the fruit trees behind Sewardstone Road, while Heather and Martin remained in the community garden, watering each and every tree and plant!

We switched teams and trees every so often on meeting back in the garden to fill cans, bucket and barrows with water, pleasantly surprised at what a good little workout this task was proving to be.

We finished on Sewardstone Road, gathered around what appeared to be an exceedingly thirsty silver birch, before making our way back to the garden, stacking watering cans and buckets, and posing one final picture.

We said our cheerios, promising to return soon.

A really good start to the week.

Next week, we head around the corner to the Cranbrook Community Garden, to help Janet and Eileen with another grand gardening task.

Until then.

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This task supported
Glasshouse Community Centre
Beautiful community centre with adjoining garden available to the whole comunity
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