Polytunnel in the Sunlight

6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Southwark
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Sunday 2nd April 2023

Report written by Tori Jing

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Today’s mission was for the polytunnel of PNK Garden. Victoria, Sophia, Alex, Loretta, Jeff and I went to PNK Garden to help build the polytunnel. Hosting us was Lara, founder of PNK Garden, and Lindsay who had instructions and the know- how called the shots.

The garden was full of warm volunteers today, we took out the tools and materials and began to distribute work. Loretta and Jeff started to measure the scale of gardening stuff, to make sure all of them can be settled in the polytunnel. Alex and Lara worked together to assemble timbers to make the door of the polytunnel. Victoria, Sophia and I continued to work on the frame of the polytunnel. With the help of 2 PNK Volunteers, we assembled sections together and screwed all these parts.

The sun came out after a while, two kind neighbours came here and brought us some tasty homemade muffins. PNK volunteer also prepared two packs of croissants for us. By then, Victoria, Sophia, Alex and I were so invested that we decided to stay a bit longer to see the frame to its finish. It was totally worth it! We helped pack up all the parts and tools and finished today’s task in the spring sunshine. We left laded with delicious gifts talking of recipes for salad and soup.

Welcome to Alex, Loretta and Jaff on their first mission.

Thanks all the lovely volunteers for bringing some rays of sunshine today.

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PNK Garden
A new community garden in South London

The PNK Garden (pronounced pink) is a community garden in South London. The garden is managed by a non-profit and independent organisation run by volunteers. As such, our resources are very limited but our passion is great. The garden is designed to be accessible to the youngest and eldest of our communities. People of all abilities are welcome in the PNK Garden! No previous gardening experience needed. Join us and make the garden your own.

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