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3 Goodgymers helped their local community in Ipswich
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Wednesday 14th February

Report written by Natalie (she/her )

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Warning: this report may contain a disproportionate amount of puns due to the generous word-smithery of the GG Ipswich Pun Crew led by Imogen, David and Pippa...

A tree-mendous morning in the East of Ipswich as Good Gymers turned up to hep celebrate #IpswichLovesTrees Week. To show our love for the town - it is Valentine's Day after all - Imogen , Pippa and David came along spades in hand despite the rain. The rain, it turns out, did us a favour as the ground was soft enough to easily dig holes for the trees. The aim is to plant 1,000 and there are other tree planting events going on across this week in other parts of Ipswich.

A kidney bean shaped area had been demarcated and after careful questioning about spacing, depth of holes and types of tree, we merrily got on with the task in hand. Always looking for the most efficient way of completing a task, various discussions about best approaches - criss cross slicing of the ground vs square shaped holes.. it turns out both have their place dependent on the roots and size of the tree being planted. Glad we got to the 'root' of that...

David and Pippa got to test out their new latex gloves, ( no puns here) and were pleased to report their grip was satisfactory. Natalie's partner came along to eat all the biscuits and demonstrate an annoying knack of digging with ease.

Within two hours, the kidney bean went from an empty grass area to teeming with small trees reading to take root. You 'wood' not believe the difference... And on the one year anniversary of the Ipswich Good Gyn's relaunch, a fitting celebratory shin-'dig'...

Note: all puns not the authors own

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Ipswich Parks and cemeteries- volunteering - based at Ipswich Borough Council. includes Holywell Park, Christchurch Park, Ipswich Tree Warden Network,

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