Making tracks near Beckenham Junction

3 Goodgymers helped their local community in Bromley
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Saturday 20th April

Report written by Bromley runner

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Leaonie, Julia and I joined Ian and the Friends of Beckenham Green to help lay the foundation for a new nature trail 🍂 near the churchyard.

We cleared dense herbaceous planting (I learned something new today! These are plants without woody stems 🪵) from the paths that will form the trail, and will someday soon be covered with bark chippings. To help adult walkers, secateurs helped us cut back any trees whose branches hindered passage through the trail.

We found many old bits of branches that had fallen into the growth, too, and took those over to the compost bin to be worked down and made useful again 🙂

A real difference was made by all - thanks so much for joining! 🚀

We'll be back at the Green on Saturday 18th May - sign up here!

This task supported

Part of the Copers Cope Area Residents Association, the friends group volunteers tend to The Green.

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