Lunch Run

3 Goodgymers helped their local community in Richmond
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Thursday 22nd February

Report written by Richmond runner

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4 goodgymers including two newbies (welcome Steph and Lisette) headed over to Heatham house to help get them ready for an awards event at Twickenham stadium.

We quickly set to work trying to win our own award for the fastest time to fill lunch bags with water, popcorn and a snack bar. 50 minutes later and we'd smashed through over a 100 bags (surely!).

Fun task. Look forward to doing this again in the evening.

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This task supported
Achieving for Children
An award-winning not-for-profit social enterprise company delivering a full range of children’s and school improvement services.
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Steph Mills 1
Sophie Hopkins
Join us on our next session


Helping set up a big train set for children to play with in an ADHD/Autism safe play session.
🗓Tomorrow 9:00am

Allowing us to run our sessions for autistic, ADHD and SEN children.

One GoodGymer is going - 4 spaces left! 👀

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Steph Mills 1

Fri 23rd Feb at 11:38am

Good Fun! I thoroughly enjoyed my first task and look forward to many more.

Liz (She/her)

Fri 23rd Feb at 12:27pm

Brilliant work all four of you! Welcome Steph and Lisette.