La Boca to La Stocka

6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Stockport
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Tuesday 29th August 2023

Report written by Sian Dobson Hughes

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A few months ago, GoodGym Stockport got involved with a weekend takeover by Sophie and John, of the Grit Studios, to transform an area of central Stockport and add colour and foliage to the unkempt looking streets.

After a huge success, the folk at Grit Studios are at it again, bringing colour and the community together in an incredible project 'La Boca to La Stocka'.

La Boca to La Stocka aims to create a creative corridor through Stockport and have enlisted 5 artists who painted the Boca region of Buenos Aires to come over to Stockport to help to transform a large area of Hopes Carr in central Stockport.

Our task was to help to prep the wall ready for the painting takeover.

We took a steady 3km run to the wall site, we dipped, we rollered and we stretched to paint the giant area.

Session Leader
Rob Wilson
Ben Foster
Sian Dobson Hughes
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