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3 Goodgymers helped their local community in Bristol
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Saturday 8th July 2023

Report written by Phill Stone

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A very bright sunny morning down at the berry maze last Saturday. Barney turned up a little late due to some confusion about start time, but Jackie had us covered and had the tools ready. Dave and I got to work weeding the path, chatting about our upcoming France holidays, when our Frances arrived to help as well.

She found a stray oak sapling that had found itself in the berry maze. Barney's words were 'if a tree is in the wrong place, it's a weed' and asked for its immediate removal. Not to waste a golden opportunity to save this "weed", we decided to take it along to the task at manor woods and plant it there with it's fellow trees. bonus deed for saving the tree I say!

Thanks for coming along, and see you next time!

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