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2 Goodgymers helped an isolated person in Kingston upon Thames
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Kingston upon Thames

Thursday 26th October 2023

Report written by Rob Haworth

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The job sounded simple - bring one couch from inside the bungalow, outside. However no-one accounted for the blocks underneath, which although we cleverly managed to swivel and pivot enough to get through one door way, getting through the front door was no simple feet...

Even after a bit of hammer time from Rob, we were still no more out than in. So Rachel went and knocked on the neighbors door and with the aid of his allen key set and and extra set of muscles, we finally got the sofa through the front door.

Next job was a quick hoover up of the bits of wood chipping left over from the hammering... Needless to say Rob needs extra training in this task...

Rob Haworth
Rachel White
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Winter jobs at Jubilee Square

The space is a place where people stop to meet friends, relax, eat lunch and enjoy the surrounds. Helping with keeping it attractive you will contribute to the wellbeing of local people in this important area of the community.

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