A Lot In The Dark

1 Goodgymer helped their local community in Barnsley

Wednesday 15th November 2023

Report written by James Smith

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As ever, we set off from Glasshouse Table Table raring to go! The chill in the air only serving to increase our effectiveness at fast running. We were to be litter picking in the Victorian park this evening, in the dark dark cold bushes and beyond. Upon reaching the park we were (mostly) all warmed up. We headed for the store to retrieve an extra litter picker and then ventured into the bushes. There were no other folks in the park tonight. Well apart from a fellow headtorch clad runner darting around like a glowworm. After spending a good 30 minutes rustling around picking out shiny items from the gloom shrouded, slippery,leaf laden ground we tied up the bags of trash and took them to a bin on a nearby road.

We then ran back down to Glasshouse to stretch off and warm up.

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Friends of Locke Park
We are a group of volunteers who use our spare time to keep our local park clean, tidy and looking it's best

Maintain the local community park

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James Smith

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