A devil of a litterpick?!

2 Goodgymers helped their local community in Bournemouth
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Saturday 10th February

Report written by Bournemouth runner

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Two Goodgymmers joined forces with three Bournemouth Ploggers to look for litter around Alum Chine. Beachcombing had us pick up loads and loads of tiny nurdles, all washed up by recent high winds. On West Overcliff Drive a double mattress was found (and now duly reported to the council). Not too many interesting finds, just a little spade, which will find its way in my grandbaby’s beach toy box and a colourful bag to put your swim stuff in, now soaking in suds before it will go in the washing machine. And the “devil” then… well, walking around with a second litterpicker in my backpack, somebody commented on the devilish shadow! Some photos added to show WHY we do it… Anyway, another Goodgym mission ✅.

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