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3 Goodgymers helped their local community in Crewe
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Wednesday 20th March

Report written by Nicola Marshall

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Tonight saw the return of the three amigos! Karen, Maurice and Nicola were back together as a trio supporting the wonderful Motherwell with sorting baby clothes into bundles to be handed out to families.

we started the evening with our usual exercise session. We took a slightly different route this time then we have before, although Maurice was quite insistent that we went as close to the park as we possibly could. I think he must be having withdrawal symptoms!

We did a 1.5 mile walk, which roughly equates to 3 km (or Perhaps a bit less!). We had a good catch up on our way round and arrived back at the task about 30 minutes later.

Back at the hub, we set to work with the task of putting the baby clothes into bundles. Each bundle needed to contain three vests, three baby grows, three outfits, and one warm item. The other requirement was that they were to be colour coordinated… this was quite easy at the beginning because there was plenty to choose from, but it got harder as the task went along and the clothes started to diminish. We did the best we could though and managed to put together as many bundles as we could from what we had.

It was a fun evening in a lovely warm environment... which was very welcome, as despite the spring like feel to the weather yesterday, tonight was cold!!

Well done Karen & Maurice. Another productive evening and another task well done!!

Have a great week.

Loads of love, Nicola xxx

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Maurice Fitzgerald
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Nicola Marshall
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An Evening Leafleting for Motherwell
🗓Wednesday 5th June 6:15pm

Our task tonight will be supporting fantastic local charity, Motherwell

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