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Tue 19th Feb 2019 at 6:45pm

CONE Here and READ (how in the long run we kept compost-ure and didnt chicken out)

Kingston upon Thames Report written by Richmond runner

Half Term maybe meant that we were small in numbers but when a committed few CONE together to do GOOD, well.... they become mighty!

We lit up the Thames path this night with our head torches as we took the long route to Canbury Gardens.

Before we headed off we made sure we warmed up our cold limbs by chasing each other around a small circle in a car park - GG runners do the craziest things! Then there was the group photo to be taken care of , tonight we opted for a cone hats (from fore mentioned car park) and struck a pose.... Hmmm I wonder whose idea that was??

Our run out was just over 5km, the LONGER section of the run alongside the peaceful Thames with only our head torches and the occasional fairy-lights guiding our path.

We arrived at Canbury Community Garden to meet the lovely task owner Marilyn. The current project here is to transform the neglected former gardeners’ yard on the edge of Canbury Gardens into a productive community garden. So tonight GoodGym Kingston rolled their sleeves up to do their bit for this great space.

We were tasked with filling up the pond, turning over the COMPOST and cutting down tree branches. Unfortunately we were not greeted by the residents of the garden....the CHICKENS (there was none OUT), but it was great to learn that they have settled into their new home quite well over the last 4 months.

A few runners reminisced about spending their younger years in and around the gardens so it was great to be able to help grow a new space for a new generation.

When our time was up we took an easy kilometre back to Guildhall, slight rewarm of running muscles and then to stretch, not just limbs but brain power too as we nail our punability form.

Welcome back to Toby who we haven't seen in a few months due to injury (easy rest day for you today)

Great work all and don't forget we also discussed the GoodGym Shindig on 19th to 21st July, look out for more news on that and also the mission process is changing so keep an eye out on the website to see whats different and ask any questions if your not sure.

See you next week

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