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Sharon S
Sharon S went on a community mission

Wed 7th Apr 2021 at 6:30pm

An Intro to SPSAS

Barnsley Report written by Rachael (GoodGym Barnsley)

Our first task as a group for many months this evening was with SPSAS, who help, advise and support single / lone parents in Barnsley by giving them access to support and services they normally wouldn't have access to for various reasons.

The idea for this evening's task was to help put together the essential food parcels that go out every day to nearly 100 different families in need in Barnsley. However - the food supply was arriving a little later than we had expected so instead we spent the time getting to know the ladies at SPSAS, and learning a lot about what they do. We did get a few jobs divided up between us as well, such as returning crates to the different supermarkets in Barnsley, taking leaflets for a leaflet drop, and donating some sandwiches to the nearby homeless drop-in service.

A huge congratulations to Kim for her 200th GoodGym good deed, thanks for coming along to Barnsley. Also a big welcome to new member Alice, it's great to have you join us.

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Rachael (GoodGym Barnsley)
Sharon S
Sharon S signed up to a community mission.

Wed 7th Apr 2021 at 6:30pm

Making Food Parcels for SPSAS

Creating vital food parcels for single parents in Barnsley

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