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Russell Dolton
Russell Dolton went on a group run

Wed 27th Mar at 6:30pm

Giving Andy the key to the city

Chelmsford Report written by David Chatterjee

God it was cold tonight! That didn't stop 12 of us eager to get litter picking though. We met at ARU and I bragged about winning a prize through beat the street and meeting the mayor before being knocked down a couple of pegs when I realised I forgot my beat card. No points for me today! Something also looked a little off, Russell trying out a new fashion strategy by wearing his t-shirt backwards.

We ran a route out to get to Odeon to meet Ben (excellent star wars hoody and all), Jess and Angela. We dived into the litter we could find. It was when we hit the B&M car park we hit the motherload. Andy found a mystery key for locker 96, Jess thought Angela had left a bottle from work..., Sallyann has a worrying tendency for finding the booze bottles, and a huge amount of the usual snack packaging. Bianca won the prize for most full bag. We posed for a photo by the green wall, Laurie questioned Martin's face which she declared confused.

We braced the cold weather to run back to base and hitting some more boxes on the way. But just when we thought the fun was over, Fay whipped it out! That's right, her bag of treats to celebrate her 100th good deed last week! Amazing work Fay! and thank you for the goodies, even brought some dairy free ones for Jenny. Joel also did 250 good deeds last week but he didn't even show let alone bring me anything...Can't wait to see the new t-shirt!

See you all soon.

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David Chatterjee
Russell Dolton
Russell Dolton signed up to a group run.

Wed 27th Mar at 6:30pm

Litter Pick!

Keeping the area tidy

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